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Mug Cosies and Coaster Tutorial

These cute little mug cosies and matching coasters will make the perfect gift to yourself... or someone else this Christmas. So why not try our quick and easy tutorial for both made out of our red and navy Scotty Dog fabric!

Materials that you will need:

Scotty Dogs fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company





Ribbon 40 cm long


To make a coaster...

Cut out 4 squares of fabric 7 x 7 cm. I opted to use 2 different Scotty Dog fabrics, one red and one blue.

Cut out a piece of Scotty Dog fabric and a piece batting, each 12 x 12 cm in size.

Place a red and blue Scotty Dog fabric piece right sides together and sew down the right side to join. Press the seams. Repeat this for the other two pieces. Now place these two joined sets right sides together and sew along the top edge. Press the seams open.

Place the patchwork fabric piece on top of the batting and add the quilted detail by sewing a line down either side of the joins between the fabric squares. Line your sewing machine foot up with the join to do this.

Place the 12 x 12 cm piece of fabric and quilted patchwork fabric right sides together and sew around the edges leaving a 4 cm gap to turn. Cut the corners.

Turn out and slip stitch closed.

Repeat this process to make as many coasters as you require.

To make the mug cosies:

Cut out 5 squares of fabric, each 7 x 7 cm. I opted to use 2 different colours – the same I used for the coasters, cutting out 3 red and 2 blue. If you would like a wide cosy for a taller mug increase the length of the squares but don’t change the width.

Cut out a piece of fabric and a piece of batting, each 28 x 7 cm.

Cut the ribbon into 2 x 20 cm length pieces.

Sew together these squares, alternating between the red and blue fabrics by placing the squares right sides together and sewing down the right hand side. Press the seams open.

Check the size of the patchwork strip against the side of your mug. You want it to touch/slightly overlap where it meets at the handle. If it is too big trim it down.

Lay the patchwork piece down on top of the batting and trim down the side of the batting if required. Repeat with the fabric piece.

Lay the batting down first with the patchwork piece on top with its right side facing up. Place a piece of ribbon at each end of the mug cosy with its raw edge matching the raw edge of the cosy. Have the rest of the ribbon lying inwards. Pin and sew around the edge leaving a 5 cm gap for turning. Cut the corners.

Finally, turn and slip stitch closed the gap.

© by Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch, Sew for The Craft Cotton Company 2016

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