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Padded Hanger and Dress Cover

Girls of every age need to look after their party dresses so this padded hanger is an ideal way to transport that frock or to give as a personalised gift.

By adjusting the size and fabric choice it could easily be adapted to be used as a man’s jacket or suit cover instead.

Materials you will need:

  • 1.5 metre Fabric

  • Iron on Fabric Sheets

  • 25 cm wadding

  • Hanger

  • Thread

  • 2 Buttons

Padded Hanger

Draw around your hanger to get a template, mark where hook section will poke through.

Add seam allowance plus ease around edges. I have marked at 1.5 cm here, 1 cm for seam allowance plus 5 cm to allow for thickness of hanger. (if you are using a chunkier hanger enlarge to allowance you add on to allow for it. You can always make it smaller if it starts off a bit too big!)

With the fabric folded, so its double, pin and cut the pattern piece. Then do the same with the wadding but after cutting trim off 1 cm along bottom edge so its shorter than the fabric (this is just to reduce bulk when finishing).

Place fabric pieces’ right sides together then sandwich between the two pieces of wadding.

Pin all together. Fold over seam allowance at top centre & secure. Note where you need to leave open for hook.

Stitch using 1 cm seam allowance, leaving the marked opening in centre.

Turn right side out 7 lightly press.

Now you can customise before the hanger is sewn in.

Cut required shapes from paper first then use these as templates to draw around. Draw onto wrong side of fabric. (Remember if using letters to flip them over before drawing around).

To attach simply place the shape, fabric side up, in the required position and press for 30 seconds using a dry iron. The fabric will easily bond.

Insert hanger into case, with hook through opening.

Turn in seam allowance along bottom edge & pin.

Hand stitch opening closed.

Stitch buttons to top edge to shoulder slipping off!

© by Nicky Broom at Sew and Snip for The Craft Cotton Company 2016

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