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Draft Door Stopper

Brrr it's that time of year where are homes are getting chilly, so why not keep that annoying little breeze from making its way under your door? This tutorial for making a draft stopper is great for keeping your home warm and cosy whilst looking stylish at the same time.

Materials you will need:

Cotton fabric of your choice

Polyester Wadding




Press fabric ready for cutting.

Mark out on your fabric a rectangle that is 39 Inches (99cm) by 16.5 Inches (42cm). Then cut out.

Place your Circle pattern on the fabric, pin and cut out.

Press half an inch (1.27 cm) on one of the short sides of the rectangle and then the same again. Sew along the pressed fabric.

Fold Rectangle in half wrong sides together long side to long side. Pin along this side and sew a seam a quarter of an Inch. Trim seam near to stitching.

Turn the tube through so right sides are now facing together. Press seam.

Pin down the same side and sew a half inch seam which will encase the raw edges of your seam on the inside. This is called a French Seam. Press seam.

Turn tube back so right sides are facing together again. Take your circle of fabric and place this right side to right side to the bottom of the tube that has not been neatened.

Pin easing the Circle in to fit the bottom of the tube. Sew around closely to the edge.

When you are happy all edges have been caught in turn the tube through.

Take your piece of wading and with the short side in front of you measure this against your tube of fabric and trim wadding as required so your tube will have enough to make a frilled end.

Now roll your wadding into a sausage shape starting from the short edge.

Now sew your sausage of wadding along the edge to stop it coming undone.

Now insert the wadding into the tube making sure you push it right down to the bottom so it sits evenly.

Now take your piece of ribbon and gather the top of the draught stopper and tie the ribbon around to secure opening .This means you will be able to remove the wadding in order to wash the cover when needed.

Now your stylish door draught stopper is finished. A stylish addition to any home!

© by Tracey Gadd at Little Owls Boutique for The Craft Cotton Company 2016.

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