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Indian Elephants

A perfect decoration to go with our Indian Garden sprocket cushions we posted a few weeks ago! Summer is only a few months away and we cannot wait to start decorating our gardens with brightly coloured fabrics and crafts!








Indian Garden fabric by The Craft Cotton Company




  1. Draw the templates for the elephants

On a piece of paper draw an elephant outline to the size you require excluding the tail and ears. Draw the ears separately.

2. Cutting out the fabric

Using the paper templates, cut out your fabric for the elephants. When cutting out the fabrics, place two pieces of fabric wrong sides together and cut out the front and back pieces at the same time this will ensure your front and back pieces are facing the right way once they are cut out. You will need two pieces of the body in the same fabric. For the ears, you will need two pieces for each ear and I opted for a different colour for the front and back, and again cut the front and back pieces out at the same time placing the fabrics wrong sides together to ensure after cutting they are both the right way. Cut out two pieces of batting using the ear template. For the tail, cut out 2 pieces of fabric 3 x 10 cm.

3. Sewing the tail together

Place the two strips of fabric right sides together and sew down one side, along the bottom and up the other side leaving the top edge un-sewn. Turn the right way out.

4. Sewing the elephant together

Place the back elephant piece right side facing up, then take the tail and lay so that the raw edge overhangs the back elephant piece and pin in place. Place the front elephant piece on top, pin and sew around the edge leaving a 4 cm gap for turning. Use a 0.5 cm seam allowance when sewing the elephant pieces together.

5. Making the ears

Place the two pieces of ear fabric right sides together and place a piece of batting on top. Sew around leaving the side edge un-sewn. Turn right way out and slip stitch to close.

6. Stuffing and adding the ears

Turn the elephant right way out and stuff. Slip stitch to close the gap. Slip stitch the ears onto each side of the elephant. Knot the tail.

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