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Introducing... Lottie Button

We got in touch with Sarah at Lottie Button after seeing our fabrics used for her lovely handmade creations for little ones. She has kindly answered some questions we had about her business.

Where did the idea for Lottie Button come from?

After having my eldest daughter, Lottie, almost 3 years ago, I wanted her to have unique clothes that others didn't. Once I'd started making for her I couldn't stop, I had family members and friends telling me I should make a business from it, so that's when Lottie Button was born, never did I imagine that it would of been as successful as it has been. I always remember my first sale to a non family member or friend, the sale was made through Facebook, and the exchange took place in a pub car park (not as dodgy as it sounds, I promise!)

What impact has social media had on running your business?

Facebook has definitely been my most successful selling platform, I'd say 85% of my sales come from there, along with Etsy, Instagram and word of mouth.

Social media is great at getting your work out there, getting inspiration and getting support from other crafters. You can judge how successful a new line will be just by the interaction that particular image receives, it's like an instant review, sometimes I'm surprised at what is and isn't successful.

Have you always been interested in sewing and making clothes?

I've always been creative, making something or other. I've been known to go to craft stores to just look at pens, much to my partners amusement! This now has changed to fabric and thread!

I only actually got my first sewing machine 3 years ago, which I taught myself to use. After many late nights of practising, watching YouTube and wasting meters of fabric I got there and I'm now known as Seamstress Sarah at home!

What are your most important factors when making clothes?

I love to pick bright, vibrant fabrics that stand out, not something that you'd see every day in high street stores. I only use quality material that I know will stand the test of time, especially making children's clothing this is definitely needed.

What are your daughters favourite fabrics?

Lottie loves anything to do with princesses, as she does actually believe she is a princess, Princess Lottie Alice Rhubarb non the less!

Have you got any tips for beginners interested in sewing and dressmaking?

Practise, practise, practise and definitely do not give up! There have been new lines I've worked on that I've almost given up on making, give it a day or 2 go back to it and it'll all make sense and fit together seamlessly! YouTube is great for help, I've spent many hours watching how to videos on there. And most of all make sure you enjoy what you do.

Every item that I make is made with the same care and attention, knowing there are people out there wanting to part with their hard earned money for an item of mine gives me a sense of achievement. I've had many international orders, and knowing my items are in America, Australia, India, Dubai is quite a surreal feeling.

Visit Lottie Button on Facebook, Etsy and Instagram

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