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Denim Ruffle Bag

A beautiful denim ruffled bag, perfect for those girly sleep overs, spring walks, summer picnics or music festivals.

denim ruffle bag

What will you need:

⦁ Sewing machine ⦁ Needle, pins and thread ⦁ Rotary cutter or scissors and cutting mat ⦁ Denim cotton fabric by craft cotton cut 46" x 42" buy here ⦁ Safety pin, wooden dowel ⦁ 4" sewing needle ⦁ Iron

Cutting the fabric: (N.B 1/4" seam allowance has been added to the final cutting measurements, and remember to always press your seams open after sewing)

Step 1:

Begin by cutting the ruffles, I used the fraying edges of the denim cotton, I cut 7 ruffles 2.5" x 28"

I decided to not sew my rough edges in as I loved the frayed look, but if you wanted to have neat ruffles, cut 14 ruffles 2.5" x 28" and sew right sides together, turn right way out, and press.

Step 2:

Next cut the main bag pieces and lining pieces, measuring 14" x 16" and you will need 4 of these. From the shorter edge cut two 2" squares from each side.

For the straps, you will need to cut 2 pieces of fabric measuring 2.5" x 18" and 2 pieces measuring 2.5" x 40" For the casing, you will need to cut 2 pieces 3" x 12.5" For the loop, you will need to cut 2 pieces 2" x 3.5"

Let’s begin... Take the strips that you have cut for the ruffles and sew with a large stitch on sewing machine along the top about 1/4" from the top, then by taking the top thread, gently pull the thread to achieve the ruffles, repeat this 6 more times. Next take you front piece of the bag and fold it in half so the two longest edges meet and crease the fabric (this will show you the centre) open it up and begin with your first ruffle, this should be placed 11" from the top, pin tack and sew this ruffle in place, I reversed each ruffles to obtain a different colour fabric.

Continue with the other ruffles placing them at 9.5", 8", 6.5", 5", 3.5", 2" intervals up the front of the bag.

Make sure to sew up the sides of the ruffles too.

Next take the casing fabric, fold the short edges over twice and sew.

Then fold the fabric so the long edges meet and press, then pin to the top front of the bag, do the same again only this time pin to the right side of the back of the bag.

Make the loops by sewing the longest edges together and turning right way out, fold these in half and pin in place in the middle of the 2" corners we cut out of the main pieces of fabric.

Now sew using 1/4" seam allowance the front and back of the bag with right sides together, along each length and across the bottom of the bag, leaving the corners open.

Next open the bag so side and bottom seams meet with right sides together, pin and sew from edge to edge, sew this twice to add stability.

Take the lining pieces of fabric and repeat the process again but this time leaving a 4" gap along the bottom for turning the bag right side out. Place the bag inside the lining with right sides together, pin and carefully sew along the top edge.

Turn right way out through the 4" opening and press.

Then using a slip stitch sew this opening up.

Finally make your straps by sewing the short and long pieces together making a long piece of fabric that measures 2.5" x 58"

Fold in half so the long edges meet with right sides together and sew all the way along.

Take a 4" sewing needle and catch one end, then thread this through the strap to turn right way out.

Repeat for the other strap.

Using a safety pin thread these straps through one side of the casing and then the other.

Take the other strap and repeat this process but starting from opposite side. Thread straps though the loop at the bottom of the bag and tie an overhand knot, then repeat for the other side.

Adjust the straps so the bag sits comfortably on the shoulders.

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co

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