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Bright Ideas for a Baby's Nursery

Sew this beautiful, bright bunting and nappy holder using the step by step tutorial below.

Here’s what you will need for the nappy holder: ▪ 20”x 36” Alphabet Bunting Cotton fabric for the holder from craftcotton - buy here

▪ 4”x 8” (2x) of the same fabric for the straps

▪ 7”x 24” of the same fabric for the base of the holder

▪ 6”x 11” piece of thick cardboard

▪ 11”x ¼” piece of dowelling

▪ 26” bright yellow bias binding

▪ Yellow thread

▪ Sewing machine, rotary cutter, cutting mat, scissors, pins, glue

▪ Baby’s hanger measuring 11-12” in length

Step 1: Making the base

Start by making the base, take your 7”x 24” piece of fabric and with RST fold in half and sew the two longer edges together using a ¼” seam allowance, press and turn the right way out, insert the cardboard and either sew or glue the ends inside.

Step 2: Making the bag

Take the 20”x 36” piece of fabric and fold over the two shorter edges twice and sew.

Step 3: Making the bag, then creating the base

Press your seams for the bag by folding the fabric in half, hemmed sides together and finger crease to make the centre point, then pin the two hemmed edges to this mark.

Then with RST sew along the bottom edge (make sure your fabric is the correct way round), then measure a 2” square in each corner and cut this away – this will make the base of the holder

Step 4: Making the straps

Taking the 2 pieces of 4”x 8” fabric for the straps, fold, press and sew the two shorter edges, then with RST sew along the long edge creating a tube, then turn right way out and press.

Step 5: Adding the straps

Fold the fabric RST and using your hanger for guidance pin your straps inside the holder, then sew across the top.

Step 6: Adding your hanger

Step 7: Creating the folds at the top of the holder

Push 2” of the top fabric inside, and press, this can then we sewn to hold in place, then insert your dowelling into these two top corners.

Step 8: Add the bright yellow bias binding

Cut the length of bias binding in half, and sew a piece to either side, starting an inch from the top, remember to fold the ends of the bias binding under.

Then slip stitch the two hemmed edges together all the way to the back of the holder, and the same at the top where the inch gap was left.

Fill with nappies and hang on a hook in the baby’s nursery.

Here’s what you will need for the bunting (makes 6 triangles of reversible bunting):

▪ 7”x 8” (x12) of the same fabric

▪ 66” bright yellow bias binding

▪ Sewing machine, rotary cutter, cutting mat, scissors, pins, glue, bias binding clips

▪ Needle, yellow thread and a thimble

Step 1: Making the template and cutting the fabric

Step 2: Making the bunting

Take care to get your fabric the correct way up and cut out 12 triangles, with RST sew along the two diagonal sides, leaving the top open for turning the right way out, repeat this 5 more times, press and sew the top closed.

Step 3: Adding the bias binding, spaces the triangles evenly along the piece of bias binding

Step 4: Hanging your bunting

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co

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