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Just Bake Apron

Have you a couple or maybe even 3 FQ's left from a pack or that you found in your crafty stash? Not enough to make a project but too nice give away? I have the perfect project for you, it's a great gift or it's even better to have it sitting pretty in the kitchen being admired on a daily basis.....

You will need:

  • 2 or 3 Fat Quarters - Buy the 'Just Bake' ones here

  • Ribbon or lace to trim; you need approximately 24" of 1”deep ribbon or fancy lace for the top edge of the apron and and approximately 72" by 1 ½ -2” for the ties. Grosgrain would be a great choice as it is strong and holds it shape well.

Step 1

Place 2 FQ right sides facing.


Mark a 2-3" gap along the top edge.

Sew the whole way around with a 1/4" seam, pivot on the corners and remember to leave the gap open. Trim the corners close to the stitching taking.

Care not to cut through any stitches.

Turn through to the right side and carefully press ensuring that the stitching line is the pressing line.

Step 2

To make the pocket; turn the bottom up 4-5" to form a pocket.

Pin in place along both outside edges.

Using a ruler, draw a few lines to make pockets.

Sew two lines of stitching, approximately 2”apart to make a pen slot, it can be very useful.

Sew the edges carefully with a1/8" seam, making sure to secure the top and bottom well.

Press the pocket in place.

Step 3

Now to sort out the apron ties (or strings or straps, whatever you like to call them) If you do not have a 3rd FQ, don't worry at this stage, read on and you will find out what to do next *. Using the remaining FQ and a cutting mat and ruler, cut 3.5" strips from the long side. Join these strips using either a straight or angled seam. Make this strip as long as you wish, it needs to go across the apron top and be long enough to tie around your waist and make a fancy bow, mine was 72”long. Press the seams open. Fold the strip in half lengthwise with right side together and sew along the length using a 1/4" seam. Use a safety pin; push the safety pin inside the tube and work it down to the bottom, the tube with pull through to the right side with very little effort. You may well have a better way to turn long tubes through, this is the one that works best for me. Manipulate the fabric until the seam lies along the top edge with no twists. Press well. Turn in the open ends by 1/2" and sew ends closed with a 1/8" seam and sew down both sides. Trim threads.

Step 4

Lay the apron top out flat with the wrong side facing up (the side with no pocket); using either *ribbon or the prepared strap/tie, measure the centre of the tie (lengthwise) and finger press, finger press the centre of the apron along the top edge. Match these marks up and pop a pin in place.. Lay the tie/ribbon along the back of the apron top and pin or clip. Ensuring that the top of the apron and the tie are sitting exactly on top of each other, carefully sew with a 1/4" seam. Secure the beginning and end with extra stitches because these edges with take a lot of abuse.

Step 5

Place you fancy lace or trim across the width of the apron with the right side facing. Carefully pin in place and sew this in place with 1/8”seam. Lift the lace up out of the way and run a second line of stitching along the apron ¼” – ½”" below the original stitching – this should be hidden by the lace or trim so check what is best for you and it will stabilize the top of the apron as well as looking pretty.

You now have your own handmade pinny, perfect as a gift or keep it for yourself!

By Marie Pickles for The Craft Cotton Company

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