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The Perfect Project Bag

Learn skills in attaching a zip when adding lining to a bag, adding zip cover tabs, English paper piercing and a lining with invisible raw edges.

What you will need…

  • Fabric from craftcotton - cotton denim and times tables cotton print

  • 1 metre of each of the above fabric combo (you will have enough spare to make a small pencil case too if you wish)

  • 2x 1” paper hexagon template

  • 2 pieces of ribbon, 4” long each

  • glue pen

  • scissors

  • sewing machine

  • cutting mat

  • rotary cutter

  • iron

  • 12” white zip

  • 1 metre of Medium weight interfacing

Preparing your fabric

From your paper pattern, created on the fold; (1 square = 2 inch)

Total height 14”, total length along the top 14”, total length along the bottom 18” – with 2” squares cut out from the two bottom corners of bag, this needs to be done in all layers.

Cut 2 interfacing pieces Cut 2 blue cotton fabric pieces Cut 2 outer fabric pieces Cut 2 pieces of the black fabric 2”x1” and sew in raw edges along the two longer sides Using your 1” hexie, cut two hexagon hexies, using the glue pen fold over the edges to create nice neat/sharp edges and top stitch them together (wrong sides facing, don’t forget to add a couple of pieces of short ribbon)

Adding the zip and tabs

See pictures above and below

Repeat process for the other side of the zip.


Iron on your fusible medium weight interfacing to the wrong side of the blue lining fabric.

Sew right side together of the outer fabric, along the bottom and down each side (not the corners) press seams open

Sew the interfaced lining, right sides together but leave a 3” gap along the bottom edge (this is to pull your bag through at the end - the clever bit) press seams open

Pull your corners apart, like your opening a packet of crisps, lay flat and sew, then press seam open

Press and then pull the whole bag through the hole you left in the lining fabric, sew up the hole with a slip stitch and press bag… fill with lunch and go

Or fill it with your bits for school/college..

It's even big enough to carry your fabrics threads and bits for your next project, or if your off to your next sewing class, or round a friends to sew in company..

Made by Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Co

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