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Cupcakes Half Apron and Oven Gloves

What you will need:

  • Sewing machine with matching threads

  • 4 fat quarters (2 for the main apron 1 for the waist band and tie and 1 for the pockets – you could use scrap fabric for the pockets if you wanted)

  • A small plate to use as a template.

  • Paper or card to make the pocket template (I searched on Pinterest for a template or make your own).

  • I have used a quarter inch sewing seam.

Making the apron:

Place two fat quarters with right sides together and take a round template (I used a saucer) and round off the two corners at the bottom of your apron.

Sew three sides together, leaving the top open, then clip your round seams and turn the right way out and press.

Next take a contrasting fat quarter for the waist band and ties and measure 3” strips for the length you need, I used 4 of the strips to make 84” in total.

Sew these together to form a long strip, press open the seams. Press the strip in half, then press under each length side ¼”.

Find the middle of the apron and pin the waist band strip to the apron. Sew up the seam making sure the ends are tucked and sew these up.

Making the pockets:

Take two templates (these could be pleated or patch pockets) and cut out 2 pockets and 2 inside pockets with 2 pocket bands, I used contrasting fat quarters for these.

Place pocket and inside pocket pieces together and sew around all edges leaving a gap on the top edge of about 3 to 4 inches for turning. Clip your round seams and turn, press and sew the edge up.

Take your pocket band, fold fabric length ways right side in and press. Sew three edges together, clip seams and press open. Press under a ¼” seam along the open edge.

Take one pocket and pleat, I used just one pleat but you can use more if you prefer, just as long as it fits inside the pocket band. Fit the pocket inside the band, pin and sew together to form the whole pocket.

Measure where you would like the pockets to sit on your apron, pin and sew the sides and bottom to the apron.

You now have a lovely double sided apron!

How to make the Oven Gloves

What you will need:

  • Sewing machine and matching thread

  • 2 fat quarters of fabric

  • Heat insulated wadding

  • Ribbon for making loop to hang the gloves.

  • Card or paper to make a glove template.

  • Fabric erasable pen or pins.

First make a template from either an old oven glove you have or draw around your hand making sure there is plenty of space around, you could also use Google to find a template to use.

Take 1 fat quarter of fabric for the outer of the glove and either draw the glove template onto the fabric or pin the template x 4 and cut these out.

Repeat x 4 for the inside fabric and for the insulated wadding.

With your glove shaped fabric, pin the wadding to the wrong side of the outer glove and sew for all pieces.

Take 2 outer pieces, right sides together and sew leaving the bottom open. Repeat for the lining but making sure you leave the long side with a 4” opening for turning.

Turn the outer gloves to the right side out and press. Take a piece of ribbon, folding it in half; sew to the edge of the glove, making sure the ribbon is facing down the glove

Then place the outer glove (right side out) inside a lining glove (right side in), matching the side seams together, pin the gloves, sew together.

Turn the glove to the right side using the gap in the lining and press. Sew up the lining gap.

Now you have two pretty oven gloves!

Made by Sally Mitton for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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