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Fabric Picture Tutorial

These fabric pictures are ideal for adding a bit of interest into a room and with their bright colours and textured appearance they are guaranteed to stand out.


  • Paisley bird fabric from The Craft Cotton Company

  • White fabric from The Craft Cotton Company

  • Pins

  • Buttons

  • Sequins

  • Scissors

  • Thread

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Needle

Making the templates for the birds and flowers:

Take a piece of the paisley bird fabric and cut out a bird and a flower.

Place them on a piece of paper and draw around them – making sure you leave a 1 cm gap the whole way around.

This will give you a bird and flower template.

Cutting out the birds and flowers

Using the paper template, cut out 4 birds and 3 flowers.

Sewing the branch detail

Using a pencil draw 2 light lines on the fabric where you want your branches to be.

Now sew along this line using brown thread either by hand or machine.

I used a machine and a zigzag stitch for this, with the length of the stitch reduced so there wasn’t much of a gap between the zigzag stitches.

Sewing the birds and flowers

Lay out the birds and flowers on the fabric into the positions you want them and pin them in place.

Sew around the birds using a straight stitch, and sew straight lines across the flowers also using a straight stitch.

Adding button and sequin detail

Sew buttons into the middle of the flowers, and sew sequins onto the birds bodies.

Finally sew some sequins onto the background.

© By Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch Sew for The Craft Cotton Company 2016.

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