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Beach Hut Cushion

Nothing makes me think of long summer days at the beach more than seeing a little row of cute beach huts, bringing back happy memories of fun days at the beach and the excitement of days of fun yet to be had there.


  • Cotton Denim fabric by The Craft Cotton Company: 1 piece 48x48 cm, 1 piece 48 x 52cm

  • Star and Bunting Canvas fat quarters set by The Craft Cotton Company

  • Embroidery thread in 2 different colours (brown and light blue)

  • Thread

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Needle

Step 1

Take the 48 x 52 piece of fabric and cut in half so you have two back pieces 24 x 26 cm.

Step 2

Take the Star and Bunting fat quarter set and using one of the fat quarters cut 2 strips 6 x 48 cm.

Step 3

Cut out the beach hut details from the Star and Bunting fat quarters by making paper templates using the following dimensions:

  1. House size: 9 x12 cm.

  2. Door size: 5 x 7 cm.

  3. Roof size: 10 cm along the bottom edge 7 cm high from the middle point of the bottom edge.

  4. Bunting triangles: 3 cm along the bottom edge, 4 cm from the middle point of the bottom edge.

Step 4

Using the remaining fat quarters from the Star and Bunting fat quarter set make a strip of binding 2 m long and 8 cm wide.

Step 5

Pin and sew the beach hut and bunting details to the front cushion piece.

Step 6

Using the embroidery thread sew a line to join the bunting triangles using a straight stitch. Next take the other colour and weave in and out of the straight stitches.

Step 7

Add the 2 binding strips (6 x 48 cm) to the two back pieces by folding the strips in half and pinning the strips right sides together along the top edge of one backing piece and the bottom edge of the other. Sew along 1 cm from the top edge, then fold the strip over to the back and slip stitch along to secure.

Step 8

Place the front and back cushion pieces right sides together with the two backing pieces slightly overlapping, pin and sew around the edges. Turn the cushion the right way out.

Step 9

Take the long binding strip and fold it in half, pin around the edge of the pillow and sew 1 cm from the edge to secure. Fold the binding over to the other side and slip stitch to secure.

By Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch, Sew for The Craft Cotton Company 2017

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