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Bob the Minion Reading Cushion Sewing Tutorial

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Project by Jo Eldred

Bob the Minion cushion with pouch to hold books

Have you got any Minions crazy kids in your family? Unless they have been under a rock I'm sure you have! Follow this simple sewing tutorial and create a Bob the Minion reading cushion. THE best gift for any little Minion.

I used:

  • 4 main fabrics (including 2 from the new Minions Fat Quarter collection)

  • Yellow Homespun

  • Blue Homespun

  • Clear PVC

Instructions 1. Make the Eyes- For accuracy I used a plate as a stencil for the eyes.

I placed it on the black and white fabrics and the clear PVC, and drew a circle around it.

As I am making two eyes, I placed the plate side by side to make a large 8.

I then cut out a smaller circle from the black and stitched the rings together, and turned it.

On this side I added the white fabric, a large button and the PVC (the button will move around).

I then snipped small cuts into the inner ring, turned it under and stitched.

Images for step 1, sewing the eyes together on a sewing machine.

2. Make the Front- Take the yellow and blue homespun fabric and cut them so they are 16" x 16".

The blue homespun fabric will be used for the book pocket, so you will need to fold it in half, and place it on top of the front piece.

I added a black velvet band to the blue pocket

Images for adding the black velvet band to the book pocket in step 2.

3. Make the Envelope Back- I took 2 Minion Fat Quarters and cut both 16" x 12".

I then found a lovely technique to use Bias Binding instead of folding over the raw edge.

Images for step 3. The back of the cushion being sewn together on a sewing machine, followed by 2 images of the completed back of cushion.

4. Attaching the eyes- I placed the black eye on the front pocket and stitched a half circle around the bottom half of the eye to attach it to the blue.

For the white I stitched under the bottom half of the eyes and then did a zigzag stitch between the two eyes.

5. Final steps- I lay the front pocket onto the front fabric and the back piece on top (right sides together). I then stitched ¼ seam allowance around all 4 sides.

I snipped the points from the corners so that when you turn them out you get a nice crisp corner (the eyes once stitched will appear just over the top of the pocket).

If you wish to not have a pocket the whole process can be made and stitched to the front of the cushion in an applique style.

Images of the final Bob the Minion cushion.

To see more from Jo follow her on Instagram @jojewelsoutoftime or Facebook Jewels Out Of Time.

Written by JoAnne Eldred for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.

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