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Hey there Snoopy

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Project by Lucy Picksley

Oh hey there Snoopy, I hear the circus is in town.

I have a love hate relationship with the Circus which I suspect many of you might well relate to? Growing up we would head to the Campion Hills where the circus would pitch up alongside the fair. I’m not sure if it was all the lights and noise or if it was the fear that someone was going to be making a sharp exit from a canon.

We only went occasionally, the fear was far too big in my eyes and I can’t say that I’ve hurried to take my children either. Of course they have had the experience of the clowns in town, but nowadays its less about the Big Top and more about stunts on motorbikes. Turns out its not for my boys either – phew!

The Snoopy in Circus collection is reminiscent of a childhood ideal with the big red tent and the promise of a slow moving Ferris wheel. The print is perfect with little images of Snoopy and his pals at the Circus with all the bright colours of the balloons that look like they might take Snoopy for a sky high ride if he doesn’t keep safely grounded.

The colours in the prints are so adorable, they are bold and solid without being over bearing to the eye so I felt that the blend of fat quarters would do for a child (or adult) of either gender meaning whatever you make can be passed through the children in a family quite nicely.

I had 4 fat quarters to use along with a fat quarter of calico which I added to make the base of for the sweet drawstring bag. I had some lovely red macramé rope in my stash so I added this to draw the bag in at the top. To the front of the bag are 3 different sized hearts but it would look equally great if I’d cut out a butterfly or aeroplane!

I fussy cut one of the fat quarters to combine with a strip of red oilcloth to make a sharp looking pencil case. Again, I pinched the ‘Circus Peanuts’ slogan from another of the fat quarters and fused it to the fabric to create a smart looking pencil case label.

Finally I made a book cushion where I pulled all of the remnants of fabrics together to make a very smart travel cushion with an envelope style back.

In all this fabric really sets off a cute kids collection that I truly feel anyone would love.

To see more from Lucy, follow her on Instagram @sew_pretty_sew_mindful and check out her Youtube channel!

Made by Lucy Picksley for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.

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