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Snoopy Pencil Roll

Project by Emily Roberts

Have you ever seen some fabric and that’s inspired your project instead of choosing your project and then choosing your fabric. That’s exactly what happened here. I saw the snoopy fat quarters and instantly knew what I was making. Inspired by a pencil roll my Gran once made me. This quick and easy project can be made for makeup brushes, crochet hooks or even knitting needles. Simply adjust the sizes accordingly.

You will need:

  • Snoopy fat quarter pack (I used 4 of the 5)

  • Wadding (optional)

  • 1 metre of ribbon

  • ¼ seam allowance used throughout unless otherwise stated

Step 1:

  • Cut out the following pieces.

  • 2 main pieces measuring 40cm by 25 cm ( I used two different fabrics)

  • 2 pocket pieces measuring 40cm by 15cm

  • 2 flap pieces measuring 40cm by 8cm

Step 2:

Begin by taking your two pocket pieces and place right sides together. Pin and then sew along the top edge. Turn right side out, press and top stitch.

Step 3:

Take your flap pieces and again place right sides together. Take a round object and trace around at the bottom two corners. It only needs to be a small curve. Cut the curves out. Sew around the curved edge leaving the top straight edge unstitched. Turn the tight side out, press and top stitch the curved edge.

Step 4:

Choose which main piece you would like as you inside piece and place with the right side facing up. Take the pocket piece and place on top of this, also right sides up lined up with the bottom edge. Take the Flap and place that again right side up along the top edge. Make sure there is an equal gap at each side. Sew in place just within the seam allowance.

Step 5:

This is where you can decide what’s going into your case. For me I wanted to hold my watercolour pens. Take one of your pens/pencil/brushes and place in the pocket to the far left edge. Take and erasable pen and make a mark where you would like your stitching to go. You want the pen to fit snug but not so it will be hard to get In the slot.

Once you have made this mark measure how far away this is from the edge and draw lines equal distance all the way along.

Step 6:

Sew down all the lines that you have just made and then make sure you give it a good press as if you have used a heat erasable pen like me it will disappear.

Step 7:

Take your final main piece and place down on the inside piece that has your pocket and flap on. Make sure it is right sides together. Sew all the way around the edge but leave a gap for turning. I left the gap along the top edge about 10cm in width.

Clip the corners to reduce bulk and then turn the right way out giving everything a good press. Press the gap inwards and then you can either stitch with your machine or hand sew. I chose to machine stitch and stitched all along the top edge.

Step 8:

All that is left to do now is fill it up with your chosen item, roll it up and choose your ribbon and tie around to secure. This will certainly make the perfect gift for a budding artist and adults and children alike.

To see more from Emily, follow her on Instagram @emibdesigns, Facebook and don't forget to check out her website!

Made by Emily Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.


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