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Christmas with Snoopy Quilt Tutorial

Project by Sarah Holliman aka SJ Stitchery

Snuggle up and keep warm with this gorgeous Snoopy Christmas quilt!

Quilt size: approx. 38x46 inches

You will need:

  • Red Snoopy Fabric – 1m

  • Grey Snoopy Fabric – 1m

  • Plain Green Fabric – 1m

  • Plain White Fabric – 1m

  • 1.5m fabric for quilt backing

  • Quilt batting of your choice (I used Bosal Acadia Autumn 80/20)

  • Rotary cutter and Ruler

  • Quilting Safety Pins/Thread/Needle

What better way to keep warm this Winter than with a beautiful homemade quilt. A perfect Christmas gift or a treat for yourself.

As soon as I set eyes on this gorgeous Snoopy fabric from Craft Cotton Co., I knew it would make a fabulous quilt.

Sometimes, it is difficult to know where to start, but I always take inspiration from the world around us. And here it is ! The shops are full of diamond/harlequin designs at the moment and even in the saddest of times, just look at the beautiful diamond patterned floor of Westminster Abbey.

So, to make a quilt in a diamond pattern:

1. Firstly, you will need make lots of Half Square Triangles, precisely 224 in total! Begin by cutting 3.5 inch squares from each of your four fabrics.

Place one patterned fabric and one white fabric piece, right sides together. Draw a diagonal line across the back on one of the squares and then sew down either side of the line.

With a rotary cutter, trim down the centre line. These will become your Half Square Triangles, always with one half white and the other a patterned fabric.

2. To make each of the diamond squares you will need to join two of the half square triangles together first, making sure that the white fabric triangle is on the outside edge.

Press seams flat with an iron.

When you have two sets of two blocks, you can then rotate them to become a whole square block. By placing the white triangles on each outside edge of the square block, you will create a diamond shape in the centre of the block.

I chose the same patterned fabric for my four triangles in each block so that the diamond remained one colourway, but you could vary them to change the design.

3. Trim your square blocks to 5.5 inches square.

4. Continue to make square blocks in this way until you have enough for your required design. I found the easiest way to do this was to lay the pattern out on a floor and take photos until you are happy with your design layout.

For my quilt design I made a total of 56 square blocks, made up of:

  • Red/White Blocks – 19

  • Grey/White Blocks - 18

  • Green/White Blocks – 19

5. When you are happy with the layout of your design, you can begin to join the blocks together. I began by sewing my 8 blocks into a strip until I had 7 strips of blocks in total.

6. I then sewed all the blocks together to form my quilt top.

Press all seams flat with an iron.

7. I also chose to add a border to my design using the red fabric.

Cut 2 inch strips of fabric length and sew them onto the outside edge of the quilt top.

Press seams flat.

Your quilt top is now complete!

8. Your quilt is ready for basting. Decide on your quilt batting (I used a Bosal Acadia Autumn 80/20).

Smooth your quilt top over the batting, taking time to ensure the layers are completely flat and baste or pin into place.

9. Complete the same process with the quilt backing. You should now have your 3 layers of quilt.

10. Quilt in place as you like.

11. When you have completed quilting your quilt, trim the edges of the quilt and remove an excess batting or backing fabric.

12. To make a bias edging for the quilt, I cut length long strips of 2.5 inch wide fabric. Sew strips together and press with an iron and fold to make a bias binding.

13. Sew one fold of the bias binding to the front edges of the quilt, mitring the corners as you go.

14. Fold the bias binding over the edge of the quilt and slip stitch into place.

15. Remove any excess threads and tie any loose ends that are remaining.

Your quilt is now complete!

To see more from Sarah, follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery.

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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