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Christmas Decorations- Santa Boot Tutorial

Project by Kerry Bainborrow- Fabric exclusive to Hobbycraft

I hope you enjoy making this Santa boot as much as I did. Here are a few notes before you start to help you on your way:

  • All sizes are approximate.

  • My glue gun was my best friend, but be careful not to burn yourself with it. I tried to wear gloves but found that they got in the way too much. Cool melt glue sticks were the best for this project as they cooled down quicker than the hot melt glue sticks so if you did happen to catch your hands it was short lived.

  • Feel free to use your imagination and create your own individual Santa boot or boots, and for some ideas to get you started how about filling them with presents or some artificial Christmas flowers for the side of your fireplace.

That all said lets go make boots!…

How to make the boots (makes one boot)


  • Christmas Fat quarter

  • Fat quarter of fur for top of boot

  • Red coloured card (I used a 300gram card)

  • Foam board 5mm thick

  • Oasis or Polystyrene Ball (10cm diameter)

  • Glue gun and sticks

  • Craft knife

  • Sharp scissors

  • Sellotape

  • 3 pieces A4 size Black felt

  • Green and Black Ric Rac trim (half a metre of each)

  • Christmas ribbon for Bow (I used a wire edge ribbon for this)

  • Christmas embellishments to decorate front of boot.

2. Glue the 4 pieces of foam board together. This will make the thick sole of the


3. Cut the oasis or polystyrene ball in half. One half will make the front foot part of the boot.

4. Take your chosen Christmas Fat Quarter and cut into half. Using one quarter of the fabric cover the half ball. Use your glue gun to secure the fabric to the foot part and trim any excess as you go so that the foot sits flat on the sole.

5. Take a sheet of Back felt and glue the already made foam sole onto this felt. Using scissors cut around the sole. Repeat on the other side.

6. Measure the depth of the side bit on your sole and cut lengths of black felt to that width. I used 2 strips of felt which fitted around the side of my sole. Now glue to the sides of the sole.

7. Glue the front part of the boot onto the Black sole. Don’t worry about bits showing as these will be covered up when we come to do the trimmings.

8. Take your Red card and cut to 17” x 11”.Roll up into a tube shape until the diameter of the tube is the same as the heel part on the sole. Using a small piece of Sellotape secure in place. Double check it for size against the sole part and then when your happy using a longer length of Sellotape join the edges to secure.

9. Take the other half of your fat quarter and wrap this around the cardboard leg piece.

Measure it for size and cut off any excess. I overlapped mine slightly at the back, and left about 1.5” at the top so that I could tuck into the top of the boot for neatness. When happy use the glue gun to secure the fabric to the boot leg with the join at the back then tuck the excess top fabric into the boot. Now glue the leg part onto the sole.

10. Using the Green Ric Rak and glue gun, attach a strip to the back of the boot leg from top to bottom to cover the join. Trim off excess.

11. Using the Black Ric Rak and glue gun attach this around the side of the sole on top of the Black felt. Trim off excess.

12. Cut a piece of fur 6” tall x the diameter of the top of your boot leg. Glue this around the top of the boot leaving enough to tuck over at the top.

13. Using your Christmas foliage glue this in place to cover the gap between the boot leg and foot.

14. Take your chosen ribbon and tie a large bow. Attach this onto the area where the boot foot piece meets the boot leg piece. This will hide the join.

15. Using your Christmas embellishments glue these into place on the centre of the bow.

Voila!! You now have a Santa boot that you can decorate as you please. I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and make many more using your own ideas. Don’t forget to share on my Facebook page.

To see more from Kerry, follow her Facebook Kerrycrafts!

Made by Kerry Bainborrow for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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