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A Vintage Christmas Advent Calendar

Project by Nicola at Bobbin Cottage Bodkin

Create your own fabric advent calendar that you can re-use every year using the new V&A fabric "A Christmas Wish".

You will need:

Christmas Wish FQ set

Bosal Foam or Stiffener


Basic sewing kit

Sewing Machine

Heat erasable pen



How To:

1. Cut 6 x 1.5” strips from the width of one fabric to make the binding.

Cut 4 different 4.5” x 14” strips.

The Advent base is 14” x 16”

2. Place R/S together and sew a 1/4” seam down the open edge.

Turn out and press flat with the iron.

Iron the bosal foam onto the base of the advent.

3. Match the centre of the base with the centre of the pockets by folding in half and marking.

4. Draw your first line & pin to secure, repeat by marking out 2 & 1/4” lines, and sew down each one.

You will have 6 pockets per strip with a 1/4” left over each side to tuck under to neaten the edges.

5. Join the Binding strips (see picture A) Cut excess away.

Fold in half lengthways iron, then fold each side into the centre and iron (see picture B)

6. See my previous tutorial for detailed pictures on how to bind the edges of your projects:

7. Add the advent numbers 1-24. I used my Cricut Machine and some iron on foil vinyl, but there are many other options. You can buy wooden or felt numbers or you could embroider them on yourself.

Now fill with individual sweeties or little gifts and enjoy!

See my A Vintage Christmas Bauble Tutorial for matching projects!

Nicola Hills x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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