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Scottie Dogs Christmas Table Runner

Project by Kimberley Hind

Create a festive Christmas table runner with the "A Christmas Wish" fabric which is a celebration of the classic cards archive from the V&A museum, featuring playful Scottie dogs and Christmas baubles.

Finished size:

55cm x 160cm

Use ¼” seam allowance

What you’ll need

o 112cm x 70cm white Scottie fabric

o 112cm x 50cm baubles fabric

o 112cm x 50cm red trees fabric

o 112cm x 50cm grey fence fabric

o 440cm of 2.5cm wide bias binding

o 160cm x 190cm wadding (you could use heat reflective if you wish)

o Scottie dog template

o Black fabric slightly bigger than Scottie dog template (approx. 28cm x 21cm)

o Carbon paper to transfer the Scottie design

o Tear-away stabiliser

o Iron-on adhesive on transfer paper – I’ve used ‘Bondaweb’


1. For the centre, 2 pieces of fabric measuring 25cm x 70cm. Trim off selvedges. Sew the top ends together, right sides together, with the pattern facing in opposite directions. Press the seam open.

2. Cut 5 strips of baubles, 5 red trees and 5 grey fence each, measuring 112cm x 8cm. Cut these into 23cm pieces. Stagger the strips to create 4cm ‘steps’

3. Sew right sides together into a staggered strip. 20 for each side for each side of the runner.

4. Press the seams all to one side, then trim the sides to create a 13cm wide strip. Square off the ends.

5. Sew right sides together to the centre panel, trim the ends if necessary.

6. Sew 9 pieces together in the same staggered way for the top, and nine for the bottom. Sew right sides together to the runner. Again, trim the ends if necessary.

7. Cut two strips of white Scottie fabric each measuring 6cm x 70cm, sew the short ends right sides together with the print mirror images. Press the seams open.

Sew right sides together to each side of the runner. Trim if necessary and press.

8. Cut two strips of white Scottie each measuring 6cm x 60cm, sew right sides together to the top and bottom of the runner and trim.

9. Fuse Bondaweb to the wrong sides of black fabric. Transfer the Scottie dog pattern onto the paper side of the Bondaweb using carbon paper, cut out two mirror-imaged shapes.

10. Peel away the paper backing and iron the applique shapes on to each end of the runner. Put tear-away stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric, behind the applique. This will help stop the stitches from puckering when you sew. Free-motion sew around the edges. Tear away the stabilizer after you’ve finished sewing.

To free motion sew, you’ll need a free motion/darning foot for your sewing machine. Alternatively, you could use a straight or satin stitch.

11. Cut your wadding 10cm larger all around than the runner. Place the runner over the wadding, use a basting spray or pins to secure. Place this over the wrong side of a piece of backing fabric slightly larger than the wadding. Quilt as you like, I simply stitched around the centre and border sections.

12. Trim the wadding and backing fabric to the size of the top piece. Apply bias binding all around, overlapping the ends to make neat and mitring the corners.

That’s the table runner finished! You could make matching placemats or cushions using the Scottie dog template for extra details to you Christmas table décor. Happy sewing!

To see more from Kim, visit her site or Instagram @whatkimberleymakes

Made by Kimberley Hind for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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