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Christmas Star Decoration

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Project by Gill Rich

I love hand made Christmas decorations and this one is really easy and you can use up your Christmas fabric scraps as the pieces are relatively small.

To make this project, you will need the following:-

● One pack of fat quarters I chose Christmas Post from Craft Cotton Co

● Sewing thread

● Polyester fibre filling

● Piece of ribbon for hanging and bow, I used 10mm wide satin ribbon

● Rotary Cutter and mat

● Pins

● Acrylic diamond patchwork shape. Mine measured 2”


1. Decide which two fabrics you wish to use for the star decoration. I did two different colours, I used the two blue ones for one star and the red and cream for the other star. If you wish to fussy cut, like I did, place your template over the specific detail that you wish to cut out. Using your rotary cutter, cut around your diamond shape. You will need 12 in total, 6 for each side.

2. Once you have cut out all your shapes, you need to stitch them together. Stitch one lighter one to one darker one using a 1⁄4” seam allowance. Press the seam open. Now stitch another lighter one to the darker one and again, press the seam open. Repeat this process so that you have two sections with three diamonds on each side. Repeat for the other side and press flat.

3. Now you need to join the two pieces together. Pin them right sides together by inserting a pin in each point and one in the middle. I started stitching about 2/3rds down on one of the edges. Stitch at 1⁄4” and pivot at the bottom and top of each of the diamond shapes. When you come to stitch down the last side, I finished stitching about 1cm from the top of the point. The turning gap is quite small but you will be able to turn it out fairly easily.

Before turning right sides out, snip the excess fabric at the top of each point and also snip towards the stitching line on the inside where the two pieces join together being careful not to cut your stitches. Turn right side out, use a pencil or knitting needle to push the point of the star out as far as it will go. Press your star and roll the seams together to get a nice straight flat side.

Now you need to fill your star. You will need to use small amounts of filling at any one time and poke the filling into the star points using your pencil or whatever you find suitable for the job.

4. Once you are happy with the shape and fullness of your decoration, pin the open sides together and slip stitch the opening closed using a co-ordinating thread.

Cut your piece of ribbon to the desired length and glue in place with a hot glue gun or you can stitch your ribbon in place at the top of one of the points.

Make a bow with another piece of ribbon and glue over the bottom of the other piece of ribbon.

I think these look great on your tree or why not hang them from your window openers, either way, they make a great festive decoration in your home.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you wish, you can follow me on Instagram @designbygill66 or Facebook at Design by Gill.

Made by Gill Rich for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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