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Fabric Christmas Trees

Project by Carrie Can Make It

If you want to make a beautiful handmade decoration for your home this year then follow this tutorial. Also check out my YouTube channel to see me make one.

What you will need

· Fabric

· Scissors

· Triangle template -3 sizes if you want small medium and large

· Fabric marker

· Toy stuffing

· Needle and thread

· Sewing machine

· Pins

· Iron and mat

· Glue gun and glue sticks

· Twine/yarn

· Doweling wood

· Drill

· Log slices

Step 1

Make a triangle template from card/paper -play around with the size and shape. Make a small, medium and large one if you want a trio set.

Step 2

Press your fabric

Step 3

Fold fabric right sides together and trace round your template with a fabric marker and cut them out. You should have 2 triangle pieces

Step 4

Pin the triangle together with a small seam allowance then sew the triangle together leaving the base of the tree open.

Step 5

Trim the seams and snip of the point at the top of the tree.

Step 6

Turn the tree right sides out and press- whilst pressing turn the raw edges of the base of the tree under by 1 cm. This is to not have any raw edges.

Step 7

Fill with toy stuffing

Step 8

Find the centre of the base of the tree make a mark where the doweling stick will go and sew up to the centre leaving a gap either side to insert the cinnamon stick

Step 9

Cut a piece of doweling to the height of the tree that you want.

Use a hot glue gun and squeeze some glue onto one end of the Dowling stick then insert the glue stick up into the gap at the base of the tree

Step 10

Drill a hole into the log slice wide enough to insert the doweling wood.

Step 11

Now insert the tree part into the log slice

Congratulations you have now made a lovely fabric Christmas tree.

Make sure you follow my Instagram page @carrie_can_make_it

Check out my YouTube channel and give it a subscribe

Don’t forget to tag me in your makes so I can see how lovely they are

Happy Sewing

Love Carrie x

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