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Christmas Presents Wreath

Project by Lesley at Hook, Stitch, Sew

This Christmas present wreath is perfect for adding some extra Christmas cheer to your door this year.


Colourful Christmas fat quarter set The Craft Cotton Company








Wooden hoop for attaching the presents on to – you could also use a piece of cardboard or wire.

Making the wreath:

Step 1: Using the paper and ruler draw out a 6x6cm square, cut this out and use this as a template to cut out the presents from the fat quarter fabrics, you need 2 pieces of fabric for each present. You could also do different sized or shaped presents if you prefer.

Step 2: To make the presents with bows; take two of the fabric present pieces, place right sides together and sew around leaving a 3cm gap for turning. Trim the corners and turn out the right way and sew the gap closed. Use the ribbon to make a bow and sew onto the top of the present.

Step 3: To make the presents with ribbon details; take one of the fabric present pieces and place right side up, then take the ribbon cut two pieces to go on the present. Place the ribbon pieces on top of the fabric piece followed by another fabric present piece right side down. Sew around leaving a 3cm gap for turning, trim the corners, turn out the right way and sew the gap closed.

Step 4: Take the wooden hoop and attach the presents, these can be glued on or you can sew them on by sewing around the hoop to secure the present.

Step 5: Take a 20cm piece of ribbon and tie to make a loop so it can be attached to the door.

To see more from Lesley, visit her on Instagram @hookstitchsew

Made by Lesley Foster for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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