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Fun Pet Teepee - Freddie and Friends

Project by Lesley Foster

Make the perfect little hiding place for your pets using this Freddie and Friends dog themed fabric.

Fabric: Freddie and Friends at the Park.

You can make the tent bigger or smaller if you wish just increase/decrease the size of the base square/side triangles.

You will need two colours of the fabric:

Colour 1: for the square base piece (2 pieces 55x55cm), triangle bottom front panel piece (2 pieces 55cm base, 55cm to top middle point), and 4 corner pieces (10x10cm).

Colour 2: for the 3 side triangles (55cm base, 55cm to the top middle point) and triangle top panel front piece (55cm base, 55cm to the top middle point).

What You Will Need:

  • Tape measure.

  • Pencil.

  • Pins.

  • Scissors.

  • Cord to tie the canes/wooden poles together.

  • Thread.

  • Needle.

  • 4 Canes/Wooden poles (these will need to be at least 10cm longer than the length of your triangle height)

1. Take the 2 triangles from colour 1 that make the triangle bottom front panel piece. On both triangles measure and draw a line across the fabric 25cm down from the top of the triangle, cut along this line and remove the top 25cm piece keeping the 2 bottom pieces. Now take one of these pieces and fold the left hand side of the triangle over to the right placing right sides together. Sew along the top and bottom edges to secure (picture 1). Fold out the right way (picture 2) and repeat with the remaining front panel piece.

2. Take the triangle top panel from piece from colour 2 and measure and draw a line across 25cm down from the top edge. Cut along the line and remove the bottom piece keeping the top 25cm piece.

3. Place the two bottom triangle front pieces down

and put the triangle top panel right side down on top (picture 4). Pin and sew song the edge to secure. You have now made your front piece.

4. Take the 2 square base pieces, place one right side facing up, next take one of the 4 corner pieces and fold in half on the diagonal placing wrong sides together to create a triangle. Place this triangle onto one of the corners of the base square and pin to secure.

Repeat with the other 4 square corner pieces. Place the remaining square base piece and place on top right sides together with the bottom piece (picture 6). Pin to secure and sew around the edge leaving a 10cm gap for turning. Turn out the right way and slip stitch to close the gap. The base piece is now completed.

5. Take one of the side triangle pieces and fold the top edge inwards by 5cm, sew along the top edge to secure. Repeat with the remaining side pieces.

6. Place the front piece down right side facing up, place one of the side triangles on top right sides together. Sew down the right hand side to secure. Take the next side piece and place right sides together with the previous side triangle and sew down the right hand side to secure. Repeat with the remaining side pieces. Once all the sides are joined together join the final side of the last triangle to the left hand side of the front piece placing right sides together and sewing sown the side to secure.

7. Tie the canes/wooden dowels together, next put them through the gap in the top of the tent, position the base of the canes/wooden dowels into the folded squares at each of the base corners.

To see more from Lesley, follow her on Instagram @hookstitchsew or visit her blog

Made by Lesley Foster for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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