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Days by the Sea bunting

Add a splash of the seaside to your home with this quick and easy bunting.

What you will need

Craft Cotton Company supplies:

Days by the sea fabrics

Other supplies:


Quilting rulers, rotary cutter and mat

Directions for bunting:

Step 1: Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut your patterned fabric into strips 6 ½” wide

Cut the strips into triangles by cutting around a 45 degree triangle ruler, flipping the ruler to nestle the triangles together to reduce fabric wastage.

Step 2: With flipping the ruler, some of the bunting pieces will have the fabric pattern upside down. Arrange the pieces into piles of ‘back’ and ‘front’ pieces for the directional fabrics.

Step 3: Position a back and front bunting piece together and sew along one of the diagonal edges. At the point, stop with needle in down position, turn fabric then stitch two stitches across the point, stop with needle down again, turn fabric and sew along second diagonal edge. This may take a little longer while sewing but makes turning and pressing out the point much easier to manage.

Step 4: Continue with the remainder of the bunting pieces using the ‘chain-piecing’ technique which saves time and thread. Once finished, snip the threads joining all of the pieces together

Step 5: Turn each bunting piece through. Using a bamboo turner/kebab stick/blunt knitting needle helps to get each point turned through. Be careful not to poke whichever tool you use through the fabric

Step 6: Press each bunting piece then snip off the fabric ‘ears’ for a tidier finish

Step 7: Decide on the pattern design combination for your bunting string. Once happy with the design, pin each bunting piece to the bias tape. Leaving a gap between each piece helps the bunting to drape when hanging. Sew in the ditch or fold line of the bias tape, using the needle position function is a great help.

Step 9: Carefully fold over the bias tape to the back of the bunting pieces. Use a slip stitch to secure the bias tape in place.

Your bunting is now finished!

Made by Angela Harkness for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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