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Kids Pyjama Drawstring Bag

This fabric is so gorgeous I just had to make an overnight bag/pajamas bag to match teddy sleeping bag (see previous tutorial).


  • Fabrics are all from craftcotton, Into the woods collection and the gorgeous Denim cotton

  • Pattern and tutorial by creativeblonde

  • 5” petal shape template

  • Basic sewing supplies

Let’s begin: Step 1

You will need the following fabric: • Fox grey fat quarter • Denim cotton 18” x 36” • 96” of cord (I got creative and use a strip from the fraying edge of the denim cotton)

Start by making 8 x 5” petals using your template, I cut 4 the right way round and 4 upside down, sew them together using ¼” seam allowance, pressing the seams open, see photos below…

Step 2:

Cut the blue denim piece of fabric to measure 18” x 29” fold and press in half giving you a piece that measures 18” x 14 ½”. Pin your petal template in place on the bag, I went off center, so it could be seen on the back too.

Step 3

I used a simple needle turn applique stitch to sew my petal template in place, tucking under ¼” of the raw edge, make small snips with small sharp scissors on the curves, so you get a neat finish, this also help with the turning under the raw edges.

Step 4

With the remaining blue denim fabric, cut 2 rectangles measuring 2” x 4”, fold and press twice by ¼” along the longest edges. Top stitch as close as possible to the outer edges.

Step 5

Pin on the inside of the bottom of the bag, leaving 2 inches from each corner.

Step 6

Fold over the top of the bag by 1”, do this twice, press and pin in place, top stitch in place. With right side together, sew along the bottom and up the other side, trim the excess fabric from the two corners, so it sits neater when turned the right way out.

Step 7

For the cord, you can either use a piece of purchased cord, or create your own, I cut a piece of fabric from the blue frayed edge of the denim, measuring 96” x 1”, pressed it in half, and stitched down both edges – see photo below

Step 8

Make a small incision at the top of the bag in the middle to thread your cord through. Thread your cord through the small holes and loop through the tabs at the bottom, once in place, sew the length of cord together, and pass the sewn bit inside the top strip of the bag, so only neat edges can be seen. Hand sew the incision, so the raw edges are tucked and sewn inside itself.

Thanks for reading this tutorial, hope you enjoy making this drawstring denim bag. Check out my other tutorials, including how to make a matching sleeping bag for teddy at the following links…

Happy sewing x

Made by Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Co

Follow her on instagram @creativeblonde66

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