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Recover your ironing board by Stuart Hillard

Give a tatty ironing board a new lease of life with a super quick new cover. It might actually make ironing fun!


1. Take off your old cover and remove the string or tape. Press the old cover till it’s really flat...we are going to use it as a pattern!

2. Cut out a new fabric cover approximately 1” bigger on all sides.

3. Fold and press a ¼” hem all around then another hem ¾” wide.

4. Sew very close to the inner folded edge to create a channel. Leave 2” unsewn at the “blunt end” of your ironing board cover.

5. Attach a safety pin to ½” twill tape and pass all the way through the channel.

6. If the old padding on your ironing board needs replacing do this now... I used two layers of quilt batting cut to the same size as the ironing board top. I sewed the layers of batting together around the edge to prevent shifting.

7. Pop the new cover on top of your ironing board and pull the twill tape to tighten the cover. Knot the tape when the cover is completely smooth.

Made by Stuart Hillard for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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