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Strippy pieced cushions by Stuart Hillard

My easy to piece strippy patchwork cushions are fast and fun and a great way to add comfort and sewing style to your favourite armchair! The following requirements will make both cushions!

Finished size 16” square

You will need

  • 13 assorted 2 ½” strips of “sewing bumble bee fabrics” approximately 18” long.

  • 2 strips each 4 ½” x 18” for the “centre stripes” cushion

  • 2 x 20” squares of thin quilt batting

  • 2 assorted fat quarters for the envelope backs

  • 2 x 16” cushion inserts

  • Matching thread


For the “rail fence” cushion...

  1. Choose 4 assorted 2 ½” x 18” strips and sew them together into a panel 8 ½” x 18”. Press seams one way. Make another panel using 4 different strips. Cut each strip set into 2 squares each 8 ½” x 8 ½” should have 4 in total.

  2. Sew the 4 strip pieced squares together following the finished cushion as a guide. Lay the pieced cushion front on top of a 20” square of batting and pin in place. Quilt as desired then trim the panel to 16 ½” square. Make an envelope backing following general instructions.

For the “centre stripes” cushion...

  1. Sew 4 assorted 2 ½” x 18” strips together, press seams one way.

  2. Take one more 2 ½” strip and carefully cut it into two strips each 1 ¼” x 18”...fold each strip in half, lengthways, right sides out and press.

  3. Lay the folded strips on either side of the panel you pieced in step 1...fold edges facing inwards and baste in place.

  4. Sew a 4 ½” strip to either side of the strip pieced panel.

  5. Trip the whole panel to a 16 ½” x 16 ½” panel.

  6. Layer the panel with a 20” square of batting, pin place then quilt as desired. Trim to 16 ½” square.

  7. Make an envelope backing following general instructions.

General instructions:

Making an envelope backing...

  1. Cut two panels each 16 ½” x 10”

  2. Fold one long edge over to make a ¼” hem, fold again to hide the raw edge then topstitch close to the folded edge. Make two.

  3. Lay the two backing pieces on top of the cushion front, right sides together...the envelope backing pieces will overlap each other. Pin in place.

  4. Sew all around d the outside of your cushion using a ¼”seam allowance. Clip the corners to reduce bulk.

  5. Turn to the right side and press...then insert your cushion insert and give your beautiful cushion a little shake to plump it up!

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