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Laptop case tutorial

A new laptop surely called for a new laptop case, and as I’m currently taking part in the #100hexies100days2017 challenge (on Instagram), I thought it was only right to use these on my laptop case… I fussy cut the butterflies and flowers from a beautiful fabric called Larkspur.


  • First up, is to measure your laptop, then add 2″ in each direction, this will be your dimensions. (My laptop measures 14″ x 10″)

  • 2 pieces of Blue Denim fabric from craftcotton measuring 16″ x 22″ each.

  • A fat quarter of the Larkspur fabric, in blue and white background – create 12, 3″ hexies. (6 from each coloured background)

  • 16″ zip in pink

  • Batting measuring 16″ x 22″

  • Fabric marker, spray adhesive and basic sewing supplies

Let’s begin:

Make your 12, 3″ hexies, for help on how to make these, take a look at my previous tutorial here and here.

Take one piece of the blue denim cotton and spray baste it to the piece of batting.

Add your zip to one side of the case, follow the photos below.

Your case should look like this…

Attach it to the other side, as shown in the photos below

Top stitch your zip along both sides. Lay your case inside out and open it out, sew all the round the edges of the case, leaving a 3-4″ gap for pulling it the right way out.

Using a simple ladder stitch, sew up the gap and tuck the lining inside the case. Using a fabric marker, mark out where you are going to place your hexagons, hand sew these in place, using Gutermann threads, making sure you only catch the top layer of fabric from the case.

That’s your case finished...

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to comment and like.

For more tutorials, follow my blog here, or on my Instagram page. happy sewing Creativeblonde x

By Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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