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Reversible Sleeping bag for teddy with matching pajama bag

My inspiration for this item, came from my little boy, to be honest he isn’t so little, but he sure does love his teddy, it gets more kisses at bedtime then I do… This fabric is so gorgeous I just had to make an overnight bag/pajama bag to match teddy sleeping bag.

Supplies: Fabrics and batting are all from craftcotton, Into the woods collection and the gorgeous Denim cotton

Let’s begin: Step 1

Let’s start by making the sleeping bag for teddy, this is great for a project that the kids can get involved in. You will need the following fabric: • Mushroom pink 36” x 14” • Blue bear 36” x 14” • Batting 36” x 14” • Fox grey 10” x 12”

Begin by fusing the batting the blue bear fabric

Step 2

With right sides together, using a ½” seam allowance, sew along each side, stopping 6” from the top on both sides.

Step 3:

We are then going to attached the pink mushroom fabric, lay your pieces right sides together and join across the top (short edge). Make sure you have the fabric laying in the correct direction, so that when the top of the sleeping bag is pulled down the print is not upside down.

Step 4:

Repeat this process for attaching the other short end of the pink mushroom fabric.

Step 5:

With the sleeping bag inside out, sew along the two pink mushroom edges, as you did before with the blue bear fabric, stopping 6” from the top of each side. Match up the two 6” sides of different fabrics and sew them together – see photo (remember to leave yourself a 4” gap along one edge, so you can pull the sleeping bag through itself.

Step 6:

Pull the sleeping bag right side out, and using a ladder stitch, hand sew up the gap. The sleeping bag is now fully reversible 😊

Step 7:

Almost there, teddy just needs a pillow… Take your fox grey fabric, and fold in half, sew along the three edges leaving a small gap to add the stuffing.

Step 8:

Press and turn the correct way out, stuff with soft fluff and using a ladder stitch, hand sew up the gap.

Thanks for reading this tutorial, hope you enjoy making a teddy or dolls sleeping bag. Check out my other tutorials, including how to make a matching pajama bag.. happy sewing x

Made by Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Co

Follow her on instagram @creativeblonde66

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