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Foundation Paper Pieced Hearts Tutorial

Finished sizes measures

10” x 9”

5” x 4.5”

Understanding the template

  • The printed side of your template will be the reverse side of your finished block.

  • The dotted outside lines are the seam allowances (1/4”).

  • The solid black lines are the sew lines.

  • The numbers show the order of sewing.

  • Seam Allowances are ¼” unless otherwise stated

  • RST = right sides together

Step 1

To start, print and cut the 2 templates out and shorten your stitch length on your sewing machine to 1.8 or shorter, this will make it easier to tear off the paper at the end.

Step 2

On the reverse side of your template place a tiny dot of temporary glue in the middle of A1 and place your fabric on top (if you have chosen a print fabric this need to be right side facing up) ensure the shape is covered with at least ¼” extra all the way around (a good way to check is to hold your template up to the light)

Step 3

Turn your template back over and using a ruler along the line between A1 and A2 fold the paper back and trim the fabric down to ¼” using a rotary cutter and cutting mat.

Step 4

Fold the paper back out and place your fabric for A2 RST against the edge you just cut, ensuring your piece of fabric will cover the whole of A2 plus ¼” seam allowances and pin into place.

Step 5

At your sewing machine sew along and slightly pass the line in-between sections A1 and A2 using a back stitch at the beginning and end, sewing over the line slightly will ensure the fabric will be caught in the next seam. Press the fabric open using an iron.

Step 6

Back at your cutting mat gently fold the paper back on the line A3 and trim a ¼”. Place your fabric for A3 on top as you did in steps 5 and 6. Continue on in this manner in number order until all of your sections are pieced making sure you are adding enough fabric for each shape as you go.

Step 7

Once your sections are complete, trim the templates to the outer dotted line to remove the excess fabric.

Step 8

Place template A on top of Template B with Fabrics RST and sew along the solid black line.

Step 9

Gently remove the paper from the back and press the seam open.

Your heart is now complete.

By Joanne Hart for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

Follow her on Instagram @unicornharts

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