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Christmas Reindeer Antlers

If you’re anything like me you’ll love to dress up at Christmas! These antlers are the perfect festive accessory for the run up to Christmas.

You will need: - Reindeer Antler and Ear template (Download here) - Stag Canvas Fat Quarters - - White Embroidery Thread & Embroidery Needle - Red Machine Thread to match Fat Quarters - Plastic Head Band - Scissors - Pins - Toy Stuffing - Iron-on Medium Interfacing

How to make:

1. Download, print and cut out the reindeer ear and antler templates. Wash and iron two of the fat quarters you wish to use, I picked the red stag and the cream snowflake print.

2. Pin the templates to the fabric, you will need 4 antlers and 4 ears in total. Cut out the same in the interfacing. Carefully iron the interfacing onto the pieces.

3. Right sides together, sew the ear pieces together, using a 1cm seam allowance. Carefully snip into the curved part, this will make the seam lay flat. Press and set aside.

4. Next sew together the antlers, wrong sides together, using a neat top stitch. Now for the fiddly big, stuff your antlers with the toy filling, using a chopstick or knitting needle to get into the points. Be sure to use enough so that they will stand up.

5. Grab an embroidery needle and white embroidery thread, use three strands and blanket stitch around the edge.

6. Overlap the two bottom edges of the ears and stitch across to secure.

7. Next, measure your headband and cut out a strip of fabric the same length, roughly 5cm wide. Cut these lengthways in half. Mark the middle of one and pin your antlers to it, evenly spaced. Stitch across securely.

8. Do the same for the ears.

9. Take the second strip of fabric and lay it over the first, pin, making sure the antlers and ears are sandwiched in between.

10. Stitch, going back over the areas with the antlers and ears. Press carefully.

11. Using a glue gun or strong fabric glue, attach the fabric to the headband. You should the be able hand stitch the fabric so that it is tight against the band. Cut off any excess fabric and you’re finished!

Tutorial by Katherine Smith for the Craft Cotton Co 2017

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