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Cat Bed with Mini Christmas Cushions

Perfect Christmas decorations for the home… The cutest little Christmas cushions, so adorable they are a must for everyone this Christmas. I’ve made mine for my cat’s bed…


  • Fat Quarter bundle of 'Heritage Christmas' collection

  • Fat Quarter on interfacing

  • 2 yards of 'Circle Fur' if you're making the cat bed too

  • Guttermann Cotton 30 Thread - colour 1001

  • Toy Stuffing fluff

  • 10" x 1/4" of silver ribbon

  • 19" cat bed from Bosal


  • 45” diameter circle from the cream circle fur

  • 22” diameter circle from the cream circle fur

  • 4 ½” Christmas stocking template

Haberdashery items

• Iron-away marker pen • Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors • Iron • glue pen • basic sewing supplies

Finished size of each cushion: 8”x 8”

CREATIVEBLONDE TIP Don’t wear black trousers when cutting the circle fur - lol

Making the Cat Bed Once your two circles are cut out, place strong fabric glue on the bottom of the cat bed, and then press down in the centre of the larger circle. Apply the glue around the sides, and carefully pull up and over the circle fur,at regular 5” interval, make a fold in the circle fur – this gives it a very lush and cosy look

Glue all the edges inside the cat bed, I used a little glitter glue in places,to give the cat bed a little sparkle

Take the 22” circle, and mark a 18” circle in the centre, fold and glue this excess fur over. Then top stitch all the way round

Glue along the edge, and press inside the cat bed. Leave to dry overnight.

Let's make the cute cushions

Take you stocking template, and draw round it onto the interlining, do this twice. Cut out and iron on to the penguin fabric – I fussy cut mine, so the two penguins were central on the truck of the stocking. Cut small rectangles from the remaining circle fur for the tops of the stocking. With a little glue, fix the circle fur stocking tops to the top of the stocking fabric – see photo below

Take you blue stag fabric and red snowflake fabric, and cut two 8” squares from each. Taking one of each colour, place a stocking on each – take note of the direction of fabric… Cut a 3” piece of silver ribbon, and hold in place, with the ends tucked under the applique and blanket stitch using the Gutermann cotton thread around the whole stocking

Take the opposite colour of fabric and with right sides together, sew ¼” seam around the edge of the cushion, leaving a 3” gap in the bottom edge for stuffing.

Press, and turn right way out, press seams again, and stuff . When you are happy with the fullness, hand sew up the gap using a ladder stitch.

Your cute cushions are ready, I think these are adorable, especially with the extra circle fur on the top of the stockings. I've made two, and within minutes of finishing them, I've already been asked to make more.

Thanks for reading from x creativeblonde x

This Cute Christmas cushions, cat bed and tutorial has been created by me - creativeblonde for the Craft Cotton Co 2017 To see more of my tutorials, you can follow my blog and/or Instagram page and

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