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Christmas Bauble Cushion

This intricate design is a real show piece, yet simple to achieve…

My Christmas bauble cushion has been created from the ‘Christmas Holly’ fat quarter bundle from Craft Cotton Co and sewn together using the gorgeous metallic gold and silver threads by Gutermann.

Perfect for a cosy night on the sofa, by the fire…

Materials • Fat quarter bundle of ‘Christmas holly’ available from craftcotton • 20” cushion • Fat quarter of cream fabric • Gutermann Sulky Metallic Thread - Gold 7007 and silver 7009 • 20” of ¾” silver ribbon • Fat quarter of interfacing

Haberdashery items • Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors • Iron • basic sewing supplies

Cutting Make the following single fold prairie points, from 4” squares • 4 gold glitter snowflakes on red fabric • 8 gold glitter snowflakes on cream fabric • 8 holly on cream fabric • 8 holly on red fabric

Prairie points are created by folding the fabric in the following way – see photo below

CREATIVEBLONDE TIP: Take your time when folding the squares, you can finger press the first fold, then press the final fold.

Making the Bauble design Cut a 17” square from the holly on green fabric, and fold and press in half, half again, and then on the diagonal – this helps with the placement of the red prairie points.

Sew the point of the red triangles with a couple of small stitches to join them to the green background. Stitch round the red square using the gold metallic thread.

Arrange the 8 ‘holly on cream’ fabric next, place north, east, south and west points first, then the diagonals. Sew using ¼” seam allowance as before. See photo below

Repeat this process for the ‘holly on red’ fabric

Then place your 8 ‘gold snowflakes on cream’ fabric

To create the red circle, draw around a 10 ½” circle (I used a dinner plate), and a 7” circle inside of this (I used a wooden embroidery hoop) on the piece of interfacing, and cut this out – see photo below

Repeat this process on the ‘holly on red’ fabric, only this time add ¼” seam allowance to the inner and outer ring when cutting out. Make small snips up to the drawn line, to ensure a smooth circle. Press the seam allowance inwards– see photo below

Flip this over and place on top of your prairie points, and top stitch 1/8th around the inner and outer edges using the metallic gold thread

Cut the following to complete the front of your cushion cover Two 17” x 3 ½” strips from ‘gold glitter snowflakes on cream’ fabric Two 17” x 3 ½” strips from the ‘holly on cream’ fabric Four 3 ½” squares form the ‘gold glitter snowflakes on red’ fabric Cut the following for the back of the cushion cover Two 8 ½” squares from the ‘glitter gold snowflakes on red’ fabric Two 8 ½” squares from the solid cream fabric

Take your silver ribbon and cut a length, long enough to come down from the top of the cushion to top of the bauble and back up, stitch in place. Make a bow and stitch in the centre to hold it together. Then stitch in place onto your cushion cover. I added small stitches to hold the ribbon ends in place. See photo below for placement

With right sides together, sew the ‘gold glitter snowflake on cream’ fabric to the left and right sides of the cushion cover, press seams open. Take the four red squares and sew to each end of the ‘holly on cream’ fabric, and sew these with ¼” seam allowance to the top and bottom of the cushion cover, making sure the ends of the ribbon and sew into the seam allowance. For the back of the cushion cover, sew with right sides together and using ¼” seam allowance sew the two different coloured squares together – see photo below for placement

With right sides together, match up the sides, ignoring the corners for now, remember to leave a 6-8” gap for putting the cushion inside later. Once all the side are sewn, press the red corners to form a smaller square inside the larger one, stitch a diagonal line from the smaller corner to the side seam, trim off excess fabric. Turn right way out, and press, add cushion, and using a ladder stitch, sew up the gap.

Your bauble Christmas cushion cover is finished, and ready for a cosy night in on the sofa…

This Christmas Bauble cushion cover and tutorial has been created by me - creativeblonde for The Craft Cotton Co 2017

To see more of my tutorials, you can follow my blog and/or Instagram page and

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