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Bee Embroidery Hoop Tutorial

With the cold weather and dark nights drawing in, a little brightness is definitely needed and this cute bee embroidery is perfect, roll on summer!


-Grey fat quarter from the Sewing Bumble Bee fat quarter set by Stuart Hillard for The Craft Cotton Company



-Embroidery hoop (24 cm in diameter)

-Embroidery thread:

  • Yellow

  • Black

  • Orange

  • White



-Felt – piece the size of the embroidery hoop

-Ribbon – two colours, gold and brown:

  • One piece in each colour 30 cm

  • One piece in each colour 55 cm

Step 1

On a piece of paper the size of the embroidery hoop draw out your bee pattern outline.

Step 2

Trace the pattern outline onto the middle of your fabric.

Step 3

Using backstitch go around the outlines of the different sections of the bee.

Step 4

Using a satin stitch (using 2 strands of thread) fill in the legs and antenna.

Step 5

Using backstitch (using 2 strands of thread) complete a variety of different patterns to infill the other sections of the bee.

Step 6

Trace some hexagons onto the fabric around the bee and use backstitch to complete their outline.

Step 7

Make sure the bee is in the centre of the embroidery hoop, then cut the fabric 3cm from the edge of the embroidery hoop at the back.

Step 8

Running stitch around the edge of the fabric at the back of the hoop and pull to tighten, fasten off.

Step 9

Cut the piece of felt so it is 1cm smaller than the size of the embroidery hoop, then use a running stitch to sew to the back of the hoop.

Step 10

Take the two 30 cm pieces of ribbon and thread through the tightening bolt of the embroidery hoop then knot at the end to create the hanging loop. Next take the two 55cm pieces of ribbon and thread around either side of the bolt and tie to make a bow.

Your hoop is now complete and ready to hang up!

Made by Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch Sew for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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