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Days by the Sea wreath

Use up those fabric scraps with this quick and easy fabric wreath...

What you will need:

Craft Cotton Company supplies:

Days by the sea fabrics

Other supplies:

Polystyrene wreath ring

Hot glue gun


Directions for fabric wreath:

Step 1: Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut your patterned fabric into strips 1 ½” wide

Cut the strips into pieces approximately 4” long

Step 2: Put a small dot of glue onto the centre back of a fabric piece, pop onto the polystyrene ring then push down into the polystyrene using a crochet hook/pencil/pokey tool or similar.

Step 3: Continue to repeat this, positioning the fabric pieces quite close together to give a full, fluffy wreath effect. This can be entirely random, or if desired, fabric pattern placement can be used to create a specific design on your wreath.

Step 4: Continue with the remainder of the fabric pieces until all of the polystyrene is covered and you see no gaps when you brush across the fabrics with your hand.

Step 5: Add a ribbon hanging loop and finish off with a fancy bow for decoration

Your wreath is now complete!

By Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Company 2017

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