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Pom Pom trim cushions

The Crafty Lass does… Pompom Trim Cushions!

A pompom trim is a colourful and fun way to jazz up a ‘standard’ and simple cushion make… This tutorial is for a fold over ‘envelope’ style cover. Enjoy!



Pompom Trim



Sewing Machine



Essential - Tea & Biscuits


Step 1: Fabrics!

Select your fabric - how much you need depends on the size of your cushion inner! As a general rule – to make a full, plump cushion - you will need a cushion inner approximately 5cm bigger than your cover. For example, if your cushion inner is 40cm x 40cm – you will make a cover 35cm x 35cm. I usually measure and cut the fabric at the same size as the inner, and once the sewing seams are take in to account, the final cover makes a ‘perfect’ fit cushion!

Step 2: Measure!

‘Measure twice, cut once…’

For the front of the cushion, you will need one square of fabric the same size as your inner. For the back of the cushion, you will need two rectangles of fabric: one side of the rectangle the same length as your square front, and the other side at two-thirds the length of your square. If that doesn’t make sense… hopefully the below diagram should help!

Step 3: Pompoms!

Select your pompom trim – you could either make this a coordinating colour to your cushion fabric, or make it a real standout contrast colour! You will need to cut four lengths of pompom trim – each one just slightly longer than the length of your cushion front square sides.

Step 4: Sewing Pompoms!

Take your cushion front square, and with your sewing machine - sew the pompom trims along each of the edges with a straight line stitch - and have the pompoms facing inwards! Sew along the very outer edge of the trim, so that once all sewn together this stitch line cannot be seen – it will be hidden in the seams. You might want to pin the trim down to the cushion first, or going slowly – you can sew them on without into place. At each corner, overlap each trim edge – you may need to remove a pompom (simply cut off) if in the way to make this easier and neater!

Step 5: Hem

Take your cushion back rectangles, and fold the longer edge over by around 0.5cm, and then fold over again also by 0.5cm, and sew down in a straight line stitch to secure. This will provide a neat edged finish to the back of the cushion. Do this to both rectangles.

Step 6: Making the Sandwich!

Take your pompom edged front of the cushion square, and lay one of the back pieces on top of this with the ‘correct’ fabric side of the cushion facing inwards. Finish with the final back part of the cushion also facing inwards. Pin all around the edge to secure into position.

Step 7: Sewing Round 1!

Sew all around the edge of the cushion with a straight line stitch to secure everything in to place as close in to the pompom side of the trim as you can – however don’t worry if you aren’t all the way in as you think you could be – we will correct this in Step 8.

Step 8: Sewing Round 2!

Repeat Step 7 – but you will find now that the everything is sewn together once; you can do a second stitch line around the cushion edge. This not only makes for secure and strong cushion cover, but you will be able to push your sewing machine foot much closer to the pompoms to make a nice neat finish.

Step 9: Turn out your cushion!

Et Voila! Turn out your cushion cover, and add your cushion inner!

I would love to see how your pompom cushion covers turn out!

If you’d like to come along to a craft workshop, for more information about The Crafty Lass and how to book, visit:

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By Paula Milner for the Craft Cotton Company 2018

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