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How to Sew a Mini Chevron Bag

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Fat quarters are great for making yourself cute accessories, and this mini bag is perfect for carrying the essentials! It will fit your phone, purse and keys or it is the right size for a vintage camera!

You Will Need:

  • Essential Trend Fat Quarters in Grey and Turquoise

  • Medium-weigh Fusible Interfacing

  • Two Metal D-Rings

  • 29cm (approx) Zip

Use a 5mm Seam Allowance throughout.

How to Make:

  1. Begin by pre-washing and ironing your fabrics. Using a pattern master or ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter, cut your strips for the chevron pattern.

  2. Cut eight 3cm wide strips from four of the different fat quarter fabrics.

  1. Sew the strips together using a 5mm seam allowance.

  1. Cut the sewn piece in half so that you have tough rough squares.

  1. Cut each square in half at a 45 degree angle.

  1. Sew together to create the chevron design. Use a 5mm seam allowance.

  1. Line up the centre of the chevron design on the cutting mat grid and trim to 17 x 10.5cm.

  1. Cut the remaining bag fabrics from other fat quarter fabrics. You will need:

  • Two pieces 3.2 x 5.5cm for the side tabs

  • One piece 17 x 10.5cm for the back panel

  • Two pieces 2.5 x 29cm for the zip panels

  • One piece 5.3 x 26cm for the base panel

  • Two pieces 17 x 10.5cm for the lining front and back panels

  • Two pieces 2.5 x 29cm for the lining zip panels

  • One piece 5.3 x 26cm for the lining base panel

  • One piece 17 x 9cm for the inner pocket

9. Cut out the interfacing. You will need:

  • Two pieces 17 x 10.5cm

  • One piece 5.3 x 26cm

10. Interface your outer pieces.

11. Next, prepare your zip panel. Trim the zip to the required length by measuring 29cm from the opening end. Sew each fabric strip to the sides of the zip and press. Make the side tabs for the D-Rings by folding each strip in half lengthwise with the right sides and stitch along the long edge. Turn the right side out and place through the D-Ring. Place the raw edges to either end of the zip panel and top stitch across.

12. Sew the zip panel to either end of the base panel to create a loop and press the seams.

13. Next it’s time to assemble to outer bag. Centre the zip panel on top of the chevron front panel, right sides together and pin. Clip small slits into the zip and base panels so that it will wrap around the corner of the front panel.

14. Open the zip at least halfway and pin the zip and base panels to the back panel as before. Stitch and then clip the corners.

15. Next make the bag lining. Make the inner pocket by folding under one long edge by 5mm and press, then fold under again by 5mm, press again and topstitch. Tack to the prepared back panel.

16. Take the zip panel lining strips and prepare by folding a 5mm double hem along one edge (as you did for the inner pocket) topstitch to finish. Pin the strips to the base panel, leaving a gap in the middle of each and stitch.

17. To complete the lining, repeat how you put together the outer bag.

18. Create the bag strap by cutting two 50 x 6cm strips and two 10 x 6cm strips out of some of the remaining fat quarter fabrics and out of the interfacing. Pin and stitch the two 50cm strips together to create a 100cm strip, next pin and stitch the two 10cm strips to either end. Fold in half lengthwise and stitch. Turn the strap through and stop stitch both the folded and they stitched edges. Press well.

19. Finally loop the strap through each D-Ring, fold the strap over twice so that the raw edge is hidden and top stitch.

Your chevron bag is now ready to wear!

Tutorial by Katherine Smith for the Craft Cotton Co 2018

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