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Sea in Colour - Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

Project by Gill Rich

Fabric: Ocean Wonders - Sea in Colour (2969-04)

You can’t have too many cosmetic bags or zipped bags. This bag can be used for your makeup or for your sewing notions or whatever you want really. It's easy to make and you can make it up in a couple of hours.

Approximate size 11” x 9”.

You Will Need:

  • Two co-ordinating fabrics. I chose one from Under The Sea Collection

  • Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter

  • 12” zip

  • Erasable marker pen

  • Coordinating thread, I used Gutterman Thread

  • Wadding

  • Zip tassel

  • Pins

Use a ¼” seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated.

To start, cut your fabrics as follows:

  • 2 x Exterior Fabric pieces 11” x 9”

  • 2 x Lining Fabric pieces 11” x 9”

  • 2 x Wadding 11” x 9”

  • 1 x Exterior Fabric 2” x 3” for the zipper tab

Firstly make your zipper tab. Take your zip and cut off most of the two tabs at the end of the zip. Next, fold your fabric tab short edges by approximately 1cm each to the wrong side. Fold the longer edges so that they meet in the middle and give it a good press.

Place the zip in the centre of the two long folded edges and fold over in half. Baste or pin in place then stitch all the way around the tab using a smaller straight stitch, I use 2.4mm.

The next stage is to attach your zip to the front and back of the bag. Place one of your exterior pieces right side up on top of one piece of wadding and then pin the zip along the top long edge. The zipper pull needs to be facing the fabric (ie upside down). Next, pin the lining piece on top of the other two pieces sandwiching the zip in the middle.

Now, fold over the lining piece so that your zip is visible and the right way up. Repeat your fabric sandwich in the same way as the front.

Next you need to stitch along both long edges using your zipper foot. At the beginning of the zip, fold over the zip piece that is just before the start of the zip teeth. Stitch from here to approximately 1.5” from the end. Leaving your needle in your fabric, lift your presser foot and slightly move the zip away from the edge. Back stitch a couple of stitches then stitch all the way to the end.

Repeat for the other side.

Next open out the two sides, lining pieces together and exterior/wadding pieces together with the zip in the middle, partially open. Stitch around all of the pieces leaving a turning gap of about 4” in the lining fabric.

Now to do the corners. With your pieces turned wrong side out, line up the bottom seam with the side seam and lay flat. Measure up from the corner and draw a line where it measures 3” wide. Stitch along this line then cut off the excess. Repeat for all four corners.

Now turn your bag right side out through the turning gap in the lining and ease into place. Stitch the gap in the lining either by hand or using your sewing machine.

To give it a nice neat finish at the top, top stitch all the way around the top of the bag near to the zip and then add your tassel to the zip, give it a good press and there you have a new bag for all your bits and pieces.

To see more from Gill, follow her on Instagram @designbygill66, or Facebook, and make sure you check out her website

Made by Gill Rich for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.

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