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How to sew a Mosaic Cushion

Learn how to sew one of these beautiful Mosaic cushions using the fabric collection 'Moroccan Bazaar'.


Moroccan Bazaar fabric by The Craft Cotton Company

  • 5 x 5 cm squares in 7 different fabric patterns

  • Two pieces 33 x 40 cm






  • 33 x 33 cm


Step 1

This cushion comprises of 2 different square patterns to make up the mosaic, pattern 1 and pattern 2.

Starting with pattern 1 (make 2 of these) you will need 5x5 squares from all 7 of the different fabrics, the layout of these is shown below. To sew together all of these squares split them into groups of 4 and sew each of these smaller groups together before finally sewing together these smaller groups to give one square.

Step 2

Pattern 2 (make 2 of these) requires 5x5 cm squares from 3 of the different fabrics the layout of these is shown below. As with pattern 1 to sew together these squares first split them into smaller groups of 4 then sew these 4 smaller groups together.

Step 3

You will now have 2 pattern 1 pieces and 2 pattern 2 pieces. Now to sew together the two different patterns you will need to sew 1 of the pattern 1 and pattern 2 pieces together making sure you have pattern 1 on the left and pattern 2 on the right, then sew together the final pattern 1 and pattern 2 pieces together with pattern 2 on the left and pattern 1 on the right. Once you have done this you can sew these two pieces together to give the final square.

Step 4

Place the batting behind the patchwork piece and add quilting detail.

Step 5

Take the two 33 x 40 cm fabric pieces and fold in half to create two back pieces.

Step 6

Place the quilted patchwork front right side up and place the two back pieces overlapping in the middle of the cushion on top. Sew around the edge and turn out the right way.

Your Mosaic cushion is now complete!

Made by Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch Sew for the Craft Cotton Company 2018

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