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Placemat and Coasters Set

Bring a breath of fresh air to your table decor with these Floral Sketch place mats and coasters. Made with the ‘flip and stitch’ method of patchwork, they come together quickly and easily. An added bonus is they’re reversible too!

Craft Cotton Company supplies:

Floral Sketch Fabric Roll pack

0.5m denim

Other supplies:

0.5m wadding

Temporary fabric spray adhesive


Step 1:

Using your rotary cutter and ruler, prepare your fabrics

-Cut: Denim backing fabric: 45”x20”

Wadding: 47”x22”

-Press fabrics to remove any creases

Step 2:

-Spray baste the backing fabric to the wadding

-Lay wadding out flat with backing on top, right side facing up

-Fold back half of backing, spray with temporary fabric adhesive then unfold backing, smoothing out fabric from centre outwards

-Repeat with the other half of the fabric

-Turn over the backing/wadding so right side of backing is now facing downwards

Step 3:

-Mark the centre point of a short side of the backing with a pin

-Position one fabric strip centrally on top of the wadding, aligning with the pin. ---Pin in place

-Position second fabric strip directly on top of the first strip, right sides together and pin in place

-Sew ¼“ seam along the length of the strip

-Flip open the strip and press

-Repeat this process with a further three strips

Step 4:

-Return to the central strip and repeat the process outlined in Step 3 until 9 strips wide in total

Step 5:

-Trim to a finished piece 19 ½“x40” ready to divide into placemats and coasters

-Cut along the straight seam to give a piece 7 strips wide and another piece 2 strips wide

-Out of the 7 strips piece, cut 4 placemats to size 15”x10”

-Out of the 2 strips piece, cut 8 coasters to size 4 ½“x4½ “

Step 6:

Prepare binding using 10 fabric strips

-Cut 4 strips in half, 2 strips in 4, 4 strips in 8

-Fold each strip in half lengthways and press

-Fold each long outer edge into the centre and press

Step 7:

Attach the binding to each placemat and coaster

-Position short sides of placemat into the fold of the binding, hold in place with quilt clips

-Using a walking foot, sew through all layers

-Repeat with long sides of placemat but first unfold binding and fold in raw edge ¼“ then position placemat into fold of binding, hold in place with clips then sew in place

-Repeat this process to bind the coasters

Step 8:

Enjoy using your new table settings or gift to a friend!

Made by Angela Harkness for the Craft Cotton Company 2018

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