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Customised T Shirt with Pocket

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

With spring finally here and the promise of nice weather approaching, it's made me think about my wardrobe. I’m sure we all have a few old t-shirts that we could give a new lease of life.

When I saw the Craft Cotton Co’s chambray fat quarter pack they shouted out for this project. Chambray denim is so easy to wear and looks fresh and crisp. This fat quarter pack goes so far for making stylish pockets for your t shirts. There will be plenty of fabric left over to make up many more projects.


Let’s start.

You will need.

  • Fat quarter pack - I chose the chambray selection.

  • T Shirt/top

  • Sewing machine and thread or a needle and thread

  • Pocket template

  • Scissors

  • Chalk pencil/fabric marker

  • Iron and an ironing board

  • Pins


Step 1

Find a T-shirt/Top that screams for an update

Step 2

Pick a fabric that you love and trace the pocket pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric using a chalk pencil or other fabric marker of your choice

Step 3

Cut out your pocket with scissors

Step 4

Fold over the top edge of the pocket by 1cm and press with the iron.

Step 5

Top stitch in a matching or contrasting fabric close to the folded edge.

Step 6

Fold over the remaining 4 sides under by 1cm

Step 7

Place your pocket on to your T-shirt/top in the area you want and pin in place

Step 8

Sew in place using your sewing machine or needle and thread moving the pins as you go. Leave the top edge open. When sewing sew close to the edge to ensure you capture the underlying raw edge.

Step 9

Trim any excess threads and give your pocket a final press so it is crisp and flat.

Step 10

Do a happy dance you have finished your T-shirt/Top wear with your favourite jeans and enjoy your me made look!

This would be a great gift idea by buying low cost t shirts and gifting to loved ones for birthdays and Christmas.

It also is a great stash buster for using up all your pretty scraps.

Have fun and come up with your own pocket shapes. Why not have a heart pocket?

Hope you enjoyed this project

Love Carrie


Tag me in your makes on Instagram @carrie_can_make_it

Made by Carrie Marshall for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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