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Patchwork Sunflower Boho Skirt Tutorial

Project by Sarah Holliman

Do you want to start sewing your Summer Wardrobe ?

Try out this gorgeous Boho Patchwork Skirt.

You will need:

  • Approx 4 metres of fabric (I used 4, 1m lengths of coordinating fabrics for a patchwork design)

  • Skirt Pattern - I based my pattern on the McCalls Pattern M8066 and then adapted it with my own variations to suit

  • 1 Inch wide elastic and a small amount of lightweight Interfacing for waistband

  • Scissors/ Ruler/ Pins/Thread/Needle

Do you ever find that a fabric determines what you want to make? As soon as I saw this new Sunflower Range from Craft Cotton Co, I could imagine a pretty summer Boho Skirt.

You know the kind – a swirly, dancing around in the field kind of skirt!

I found a pattern, McCalls M8066 for a Boho tiered summer skirt. I used this as a base, although I wanted all my pieces to be patchwork, so I adapted the pieces as I found necessary.

I’ve added some photos of my construction process, but it really is up to you how you want to design your skirt, just have fun!

How To:

1. Take your pattern and read all the instructions carefully.

Decide on the skirt variation you are going to make and cut out all the pattern pieces ( I chose the long, tiered Version C).

2. Make the waistband, according to the instructions and apply interfacing.

3. Take the pattern piece for the first tier section. You will need to cut two pieces on the fold. My panels measured approx. 35 inches by 12 inches each.

For my patchwork design I make two panels to fit the template. The patchwork was made up of various pieces of fabric 4 inches wide and 12 inches long. I rearranged the pieces and cut some into smaller pieces to make a panel.

4. Join your top panel pieces together and run a gathering stitch around the top to make a gathered panel.

5. Attach the front and back panels to your waistband pieces, according to the pattern instructions and sew into place.

6. Encase the elastic into the back of the waistband and sew the waistband into the first tier of the skirt.

7. Take the pattern piece for the middle tier. You will need to make three panels for this piece.

I used larger fabric pieces for this panel, so I made several 8 by 12 inch patchwork panels to fit the pattern template.

8. When your three panels are complete, sew the pieces together and gather at the top.

Attach this piece to the top tier of the skirt.

9. Repeat this process for the lower tier.

You will need four panels for this tier. I used four pieces of fabric approx. 10 inches by 40 inches wide.

The panels were sewn together, gathered along the top and attached to the middle tier of the skirt.

10. Hem the bottom of the skirt and neaten to finish.

Your skirt is now ready for the summer months or just pair it up with a comfy jumpy and chunky boots for the ultimate Boho Chic!

To see more from Sarah, follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery, and check out her website!

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.

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