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Arles Sunflowers Quilt

Project by Lucy Picksley

Fabric: Arles Sunflowers (3204-00). Due in stores in May.

Although you could say that winter arrived late in 2022, it certainly hit hard with ground frosts hanging around for days on end. We didn’t get a white Christmas per-se, but it was crisp and lovely underfoot non the less.

January soon came around with the New Year hopes of fresh starts and aspirations for the year ahead. I certainly have lots of sewing plans ahead of me but thought it would be nice to start thinking about summer and what that might hold for me.

I started looking through holiday brochures of sea and sand, seeking inspiration for warmth and colour but then the opportunity to work with the Arles Sunflowers range became available and it felt so right and timely to throw myself head on into bright yellows and blues. The colours of the brightest sun and coolest sea!

I dug deep into my quilting books and soon came up with a design to use as inspiration aptly called Sunflower Lane by Nannette Berkley. Whilst it wasn’t a direct copy the overall look I just knew that it would suit the fabrics perfectly.

I had a variety of 5 x 1metre lengths to make use of, cut up and stitch back together. The design wasn’t too complicated and the fabrics behaved just beautifully. I found that they handled well even when cutting on the diagonal. I used my pretty Singer Featherweight 221 to make the throw up which was an absolute joy. The Singer itself dates circa 1953 and is a petite machine ideal for sewists on the move. Dad has a passion for renovating these beauties and even runs a well attended Facebook group called Singer Featherweights UK – hop over if you want to know more.

The fabrics soon came together into a triumph of colour, and the remnants were used to patch together to make a matching backing. I have about 2 half metres left over and have thought about making some plant pot holders or storage baskets so it all matches.

The throw will be loved and adored for many years and when spring comes she will move into my summer house and dressed over a chair. Absolutely perfect as I spend so many hours sat out there with the doors flung open adoring all that the wildlife has to bring in my garden.

To see more from Lucy, follow her on Instagram @sew_pretty_sew_mindful and check out her Youtube channel!

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