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Seaside Elements Appliqué Bag

Updated: Apr 14, 2020


Materials Used

-1 Pack of Craf-Tex Heavy weight Stiffener

-Half Metre of Plain Dyed Contrasting Fabric

-Heavy Weight Iron on Interfacing

-Ric Rac & Decorative Buttons

-1 Set of Sea Life Fat Quarters

-Co-Ordinating Threads


External Bag Measurements Front & Rear Sections

Cut 1 Front and 1 Rear in chosen fabrics

External Pockets: cut 2

Internal Pockets: cut 2

Sew the sections together, but leave a gap big enough to tuck the bottom of the external pocket in to the front of the bag.

(Yellow arrow - See photograph)

Insert pocket into gap left and sew to secure. Press all seams open on front & back bag sections.

(2cm will be lost when front sections are joined due to 0.5cm Seam Allowance and 1cm for the Back)

A - Create a template for the beach hut shape and copy it onto a piece of Fusible web, iron it onto your chosen fabric.

B - Now add it to the R/S of your external pocket. You can then sew around the beach hut to add detail.

C - R/S to R/S together put the outside pocket together with the lining and sew round, but leave a 2” gap at the middle bottom. Snip the corners then turn out carefully pressing out the corners, iron flat.

D - Top stitch down the two sides of the pocket.

E - Cut out the backing stiffener to the shape of the bag and pin to the front and back sections. On the front section, use a different quilted pattern to the two lower sections to add texture and interest.

Ric Rac and contrasting buttons were hand sewn on for decoration after.

Back Lining:

1 - Sew the 2 sections together A & B (on front and back pieces) using a 0.5cm seam allowance, RS together then iron the seam down flat.

2 - Make the pocket by sewing R/S together sew round leaving a 2” hole at the bottom. Turn inside out press out corners and iron flat.

3 - Pin the pocket to the back lining piece and attach by top stitching Left, Right and Bottom sections.

**Repeat for Front Lining without adding the pocket**

4 - Place lining pieces R/S to R/S.Sew down the two sides and bottom leaving a 5” opening either in the side or bottom.

5 - Repeat for external bag sections but no need to leave a gap. Turn right side out.

Sewing The Bag Strap

Cut two strips of fabric that measure 120cm x 10cm

Fuse a heavyweight Interfacing to both.

R/S together sew down each side (0.5cm seam allowance)

Turn right way out and iron flat.

Attaching the Lining and Exterior

With the exterior bag section R/S out, and the lining W/S out (pocket to the back) insert the exterior inside the lining.

Put the strap in place *yellow arrow* between the lining and the exterior, secure with pins all around. Sew.

Turn out carefully through the gap left in the lining. Finger press around the top then pin. & Top Stitch.

Last of all…Sew the gap in the lining up and enjoy your bag!

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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