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Armani Silos, Milan

I spent last weekend in Milan to drool over stunning architecture, exquisite clothes and delicious food. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Armani Silos. Armani Silos spreads over a 4,500 square-metre space over four floors. It houses a unique selection of the fashion designer’s creations from 1980 until today.

The selection does not follow a chronological order but is divided into themes that have inspired and continue to inspire Giorgio Armani’s creative work. On the ground floor the sections are dedicated to Stars and Daywear, Exoticism on the first floor and Colour Schemes on the second floor. The third and last floor focuses on the theme of Light. I love how there wasn't a barrier between the clothes on display and the visitors, they were spread out and the room was lit perfectly so you could get a whole 360 degrees perspective, and examine the details.

I thought it would be rude not to share some photos from the exhibition. The artistry, craftmanship and intricate detail of dressmaking was inspirational. If you visit Milan, I couldn't recommend visiting this place enough!

‘I decided to call it Silos because this building used to store food, which is, of course, essential for life. For me, just as much as food, clothes are also a part of life.’ Giorgio Armani

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