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Sew a Bicycle Basket Liner

Jazz up your bicycle basket with a beautiful floral liner.


Materials Used:

Royal Large Flower English Garden Cotton x 1 Metre

English Garden Fabric 2

English Garden Fabric 3

Floral Daisy Navy Fat Quarter Set.

Contrasting Threads

Decorative Lace and Ribbons


How To:

All Bicycle Baskets will be different sizes. I created my own template by putting paper in the bottom and used my finger to make a crease around the basket. I was then able to cut out the shape to make my template.

Next I measured the circumference at the bottom and top of the basket.

Mine was 36'' at the top 31'' at the bottom with a depth of 8''.

To make the 'Snug' stay in Liner:

I cut two pieces of fabric the same 36.5'' long x 10.5'' deep (this includes the seam allowance) and two bases from the template I made.

If you would like to add Decorative Lace you will need to place it between the two pieces of fabric at the top, then with R/S together sew along the top sew 1'' in and 1'' from the end.

Turn R/S out, iron flat and create an infinity style connection either side by joining the two short edges together. Remember to close up the two 1'' gaps you left which enabled you to join the two short edges. Next pin the base R/S to R/S on the outside of the liner, because the bottom is smaller than the top you will need to add a couple of little pleats.

Sew round then repeat for the interior (you will only be able to get so far then will have to sew the remaining gap in the lining from the outside)

The Removable Bag (Lined Drawstring Bag Theory)

Cut 4 identical pieces, my depth measurements were: bottom fabric 13'' top fabric 10'' both were 42'' wide.

Join the top and bottom fabrics on all 4 pieces the press seams down.

Now join 2 pieces together R/S TO R/S at the top fabric. Press seams down. Repeat for other two pieces.

R/S together pin the two pieces at each of the fabric joins (so the sections match up)

From the middle seam draw guidelines, 1'' either side then another 1'' this will be the channel for the drawstring.

Sew all around but leave the 1'' gap either side of the middle seam and both bottom sections stitch free.

Turn in the right way and press, you can now draw the channel on the R/S of the fabric with a heat erasable pen or fabric chalk. Then top stitch all around the top and bottom of the channel.


2 Pieces of fabric 14'' x 3''

Fold each one in half, press flat, then fold in again and press. Fold in and top stitch.

I inserted the handles 2'' from the middle either side and sewed them on,

on the bottom drawstring channel stitch line. Next is the drawstring, a 1'' strip x 42'' R/S together sew down one end and all the way down the side. Turn out carefully and iron flat.

Feed the drawstring through one side all the way round with a bodkin, then take the other piece and feed that through to the other side.

Cut two bases (as you did for the lining) outside first, R/S together pleat the outer fabric as you pin to the base.

Then stitch. Repeat for inner as you did for the lining (more pleats needed)

Decorative Tiny Bunting

6 x 3'' Squares 7 x 2'' Squares. R/S together on the squares draw the triangle shape, Sew (leaving top open) turn out and iron flat. The bunting string is made in the same principle as the strap, then insert the bunting and top stitch down. Tiny buttons were used for interest. Attach by hand to the outside of the Snug Lining

Your bicycle basket with a snug liner & removable shopping bag is now complete!

Made by Nicola Hills for the Craft Cotton Company 2018

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