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Button Covered Ring

Here is a tutorial on how to make a self-covered button ring.

I think this is a rewarding fast make that is great to showcase a fabric that you love and would make a wonderful gift for a loved one or even better just for you.

As a dressmaker I make lots of clothes and find I have remnants left over this is a great way to accessorise an outfit by having matching accessories.

I have chosen to use the lovely Craft Cotton Co blue geometric fat quarters. This fabric collection is delicate and pretty with a contemporary feel.


You will need

Self-covered button (I used hemline 22mm)


Adjustable Ring base (I obtained one through an online auction site)

Hot glue gun and glue stick

Needle and thread

Scissors (a pair that is not used for fabric cutting)


Step 1

Select the fabric you'd like to use.

Step 2

Pick a self-covered button that fits the size of your ring base.

Step 3

Heat up your glue gun with care

Step 4

Cut your fabric to the suggested circle size following the directions on your button packet

Step 5

Run a gathering stitch close to the edge of your fabric circle. Place your button in the centre of your fabric circle on the wrong side. Pull the treads to tighten the circle around the button.

Step 6

Firmly secure the button back onto the button to complete your covered button.

Step 7

Carefully snip the thread hole part on the back of the button, this will allow the button to lie flat when glued onto the ring base.

Step 8

Using your hot glue gun apply glue onto the ring base platform and place your button on top and press to secure the glue.

Step 9

Do a happy dance you now have a pretty me made ring!

Hope you enjoyed this project

Love Carrie


Tag me in your makes on Instagram @carrie_can_make_it #carriesprojects

Made by Carrie Marshall for The Craft Cotton Co 2018

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