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A Royal Celebration: King Charles' Coronation Bunting

Project by Kim Hind

Celebrate the Kings coronation with our Royal Celebration bunting. There are 28 triangles in total which will make 14 double-sided pennants or use a plain fabric on the back for longer bunting.

What you’ll need:

  • A Royal Celebration Bunting panel

  • 3.5m of 1” bias binding (double if making longer)


  • Sewing machine

  • Iron

  • Matching thread

1. Cut out each triangle from the panel.

2. Sew the triangles right sides together in pairs along the long sides.

3. Trim back the seam allowance at the point, care not to cut any stitches.

4. Turn right sides out and press and trim the tops. Repeat with the other triangle pennants.

5. Fold the bias binding in half lengthways and press. Slip the triangles inside the fold, evenly spaced, and sew in place. Neaten the ends of the binding by folding in and sewing.

To see more from Kim, follow her on Instagram @whatkimberleymakes, Facebook and check out her website!

Made by Kimberley Hind for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.


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