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Happy & Glorious Child’s Jubilee Double Circle Skirt

Updated: May 31, 2022

Project by Angela Harkness

Ability/skill level of project: Beginner/Easy


  • 0.5m Happy and Glorious fabric

  • 1m White Cotton fabric

  • Wide red waistband elastic

  • Coordinating thread

  • Buttons

  • Elastic Hair Band

  • Brooch back fastener

Dress up for the Platinum Street Party celebrations with this simple double layer girls circle skirt. As it is such a quick make, you can easily make it for all of the skirt wearing members of the family by following the method with the different measurements to have a matching set!

Step 1: Let’s do the maths!

  • Measure the circumference of the waist (22”)

  • Add 2” for wriggle room (22”+2”=24”)

  • Find the radius of the circle by dividing the circumference by 6.28 (24/6.28=3.82)

  • Round up/down to the nearest ¼” (3.75”)

  • Measure from the waist to the knee to give the length of the skirt (13”)

  • Add together the radius and the length (3.75”=13”=16.75”)

Step 2: Cutting!

  • Fold base fabric (white) into quarter as in diagram, take note of fold line position

Orange= waist measurement 3.75”

Blue= length measurement 16.75”

  • Mark the waist and length measurements as per your calculations and then cut out.

  • Repeat for the top layer fabric (patterned) with a shorter length of 7” (This may be longer or shorter depending on personal preference).

  • This will give you two fabric circles with the waistline cut out like a doughnut!

Step 3: Stitching the hem on the top circle layer

  • Fold over a double 1/4” hem around the bottom edge of the doughnut

  • Press in place

  • Stitch the hem in place 1/8” from the folded edge

Step 4: Joining the two fabric ‘doughnuts’

  • Position the two fabric doughnuts together with right sides together

  • Pin in place

  • Stitch around the waistline with a 0.5” seam allowance

  • Turn through and press the seam

Step 5: Stitching the hem on the bottom circle layer

  • Fold over a double 1/4” hem around the bottom edge of the doughnut

  • Press in place

  • Stitch the hem in place 1/8” from the folded edge

Step 6: Making the waistband

  • Cut the waistband elastic at the actual waistband measurement (22”)

  • Join the edges of the elastic with a ½” seam allowance, using a coordinating thread

  • Open the elastic seam and topstitch down each side

Step 7: Attaching the waistband

  • Fold the skirt waistline into four and mark each quarter point with a pin

  • Repeat with the elastic

  • Match the pins together and pin the elastic to each of the quarter points on the skirt

  • If it is a bigger waist, you may need to do this in eight sections

  • Using either a zigzag or a stretch stitch, width 5.5, stitch the two together. As you are stitching pull the elastic to the next pin.

  • Give the skirt a good press and it is ready to wear.

How to make matching accessories:

The accessories are made using the traditional ‘Suffolk Puff’ of fabric yo-yo. This is an interchangeable term used on different sides of the globe, with yo-yo being used more in America.

Step 1: Cutting the fabric

  • Cut 7.5” circles of fabric out of the white and patterned fabrics

Step 2: Making the Suffolk Puff

  • Turn over the edge of the circle by ¼”

  • Using a needle and thread, stitch a small running stitch around the outer edge of the fabric circle

  • Carefully pull up the thread to gather the circle

Step 3: Decorating the Suffolk Puff

  • Choose two coordinating buttons and stitch these to the centre of the Suffolk Puff. Layering two large buttons on top of each other works well, or alternatively, you could add a little cluster of miniature buttons.

Step 4: Attaching the Suffolk Puff to the project

  • Stitch the decorated Suffolk Puff to an elastic hair band or sew a metal brooch back fastener to the back of the Suffolk Puff...or maybe make one of each!

Now you’re all ready for the biggest event of the year, the Platinum Jubilee Party!

To see more from Angela follow her on Instagram @angerellas_crafts.

Made by Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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