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Frilly Jubilee Flowers- 'Happy and Glorious'

Project by SJ Stitchery

Get ready for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!

Make your own Jubilee Flowers and Rag Wreath and join in the Celebrations.

You will need:

  • One pack of Craft Cotton Co Jubilee Fat Quarters

  • Various lengths of Jubilee fabric/Plain Red/White/Blue fabric

  • Wadding/Felt/Bosal In R Form

  • Wire Wreath (I used an 8 inch wreath)

  • Scissors/ Pins/Thread/Needles

For this project, I made two different styles of flower.

One is a simple ruffle flower with a button centre and the other is a double ruffle flower attached to a larger flower shaped base.

The construction of the flower is the same for both.


1. To make the ruffle flower, cut a 2.5 inch strip length of fabric. You could use a variety of lengths, they will give a different fullness to your ruffles. I like to use approximately one metre lengths of fabric.

For the larger flowers, I used two lengths of fabric to create a double ruffle

2. Cut 2.5 inch strips of fabric and fold in half lengthwise to form a 1.25 inch strip.

Use a zig zag stitch to secure the raw ends together.

3. Gather up your strips using small running stitches – pull into a frill and secure tightly.

4. Cut a circle shape of approximately 5 cm from Bosal In R Form or Felt for the small flower base.

5. Begin to stitch your ruffle onto your circle base in a spiral direction, completing the ruffle in the centre of the circle.

This will form the rosette effect.

Remove any loose ends of thread.

6. Add a small button of fabric to the centre of the flower to complete.

I also added a circle of felt to the back of the flower and added a brooch back.

7. For the larger flower, I made the rosette in exactly the same way but instead of using a circle for the base, I made a large flower shape.

8. To make the base, cut a large flower shape from wadding or Bosal in R Form.

9. Take two pieces of fabric, slightly larger than the flower shape and with right sides together, pin the flower shape on to the top of the fabric.

10. Sew all around the flower shape, leaving a gap for turning.

Turn the whole piece inside out.

Sew up the gap and press with an iron.

11. Now sew your ruffles onto your base flower.

Start on the outer edge and work inwards stitching the ruffle in a spiral direction.

I used two ruffles for the larger flower to give a fuller effect.

12. Add a little button detail to the centre.

I made my flowers into a decorated Rag Wreath.

Perfect for all of your Jubilee Celebrations.

To make the Jubilee Wreath;

  • Cut 1.5 inch strips of fabric and knot them onto the wire wreath.

  • Keep knotting the fabrics in your chosen pattern until the wire is covered.

  • When the wreath is full, attach the flowers securely.

To see more from Sarah follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery or visit her website

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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